Ventnor ‘Movies on Beach’ Cancels Opening Night. Series at Risk?

Ventnor Movies on Beach

With just days before the start of the ‘Ventnor Movies on the Beach’ series, the first night has been cancelled. “The Peanuts Movie” was supposed to be screened on Monday night July 3 at the volleyball courts, (not the beach) at Suffolk & the boardwalk. Currently, some dune-building equipment is being parked on the beach at Suffolk.

It’s still unknown if the entire summer series of movies will proceed as planned. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. It’s a great idea, especially with a family friendly line-up like ‘Boss Baby’ and ‘Trolls’, together with snacks available for purchase from Kona Shaved Ice, Classic Hot Dogs from, and fresh treats from Cannoli World.

Event producer, Amanda Thomas of Boardwalk Entertainment, notes that Ventnor City officials including Mayor Holtzman, Commissioners Kriebel & Landgraf are now working to clarify the issues that contributed to this last minute cancellation. Temporary hiccups like these are not uncommon for a City with limited event experience.

Boardwalk Entertainment is well-known for successful events like Tim McGraw in Wildwood last summer, and the Ventnor Food Truck Festival on June 10 that drew over 800 hungry attendees.

The 24 yr old Thomas did take some time to call attention to what some describe as ‘selective enforcement’ of local ordinances/rules. “Other promoters in Ventnor seem to follow the do now and ask for forgiveness later model” says Amanda. She hopes the pattern does not continue.

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Some Ventnor residents say it also attracted some questionable activity too, like drinking in public areas. WOND Radio talk-show host & Ventnor resident Barbara Altman was concerned, if not downright unhappy with what her neighbors witnessed. Altman discussed the issue on her Monday radio show on June 12. Public drinking was a popular caller topic through-out the day too. See Ventnor Porchfest Issues Here 

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