Ventnor Not Ready To Fully Open Boardwalk & Beaches

Ventnor leadership squishy and skittish about making plans for fully reopening their beaches and boardwalk. Watch video.

On May 14, NJ Governor Phil Murphy told shore towns like Ventnor they can re-open their beaches & boardwalks…with some restrictions. Mayor Beth Holtzman says, No thanks, we’ll pass for now.

The recent commission meeting of May 14 was disheartening. Looked like we’re a rudderless town that’s looking to Margate for guidance. Believe me, Margate is even more confused and scared about stuff like this.

Anger. Sadness. Frustration. Disappointment in City leadership. Especially if you pay taxes in Ventnor. Or if you’re a small business owner. Or someone who loves coming to Ventnor each summer….and spending lots of money.

Public Comment: After watching the commissioner meeting we thought: Who the F is in charge here?

Ventnor Public Safety Commissioner Tim Kriebel and Mayor Beth Holtzman not ready to follow in steps of Ocean City, Wildwood and Atlantic City. Those shore towns are now open. Safe and smart. Ready for business.

Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman

Ventnor Fire Chief Mike Cahill, a key provider of guidance to City Commissioners, says his team is fully prepared. A very comprehensive plan ready to go, says Cahill.

Fire Chief Cahill: Our problems come from the State & Fed. It keeps changing (the recommendations).

Today, the Governor pulled the cover off a different hat and another rabbit came out.

VCFD Chief Mike Cahill

Captain Funk and his Ventnor Beach Patrol really should not handle stuff like this, says Cahill.

Commissioner Kriebel: A decision will be made ‘in the next week or two’. The State is forcing our hand.

Ventnor wants to make moves in unison with neighboring towns like Margate.

Ventnor reluctant to safely open up like other shore towns: Wildwood, Ocean City, Atlantic City, etc.

Tim Kriebel Ventnor
Commissioner Tim Kriebel

Beach & boardwalk situation ‘very fluid’ says Ventnor Public Safety Commissioner, Tim Kriebel.

Holtzman says she’s purposely moving slow. Making Ventnor as unattractive as possible. More important to keep people away.

Holtzman: Sidewalk sales? Yard sales? Nope. Not yet. But Farmers Market OK to open?

Longport is now open for ocean swimming, as of MAY 15.

When will we fully open the beach & boardwalk? We don’t know yet.

Commissioner Landgraf

Will Ventnor provide showers? Water fountains? Bathrooms? Not sure.


So far, Ventnor not open to adopting the latest, NJ Governor recommendations. Holtzman suggests she now follows CDC guidelines?

SOCIAL MEDIA COMMENT: Ventnor Commissioners pressured by small but loud group of voting residents?

Note: Ventnor OEM (Office of Emergency Management) Donna Pedersen was not on call?

6 thoughts on “Ventnor Not Ready To Fully Open Boardwalk & Beaches”

  1. Beth Holtzman and Ventnor city is taking away our right to Liberty! open businesses now she is moving too slow and financially destroying her own tax payers! can anyone run against her so we have a choice!!! She single hand-idly is destroying the economy of Ventnor with her stubbornness!

  2. Memorial Day is about honoring the generations that came before us.Those who were drafted into service;
    they put their lives on hold and their lives in harm’s way.
    We should be willing to sacrifice a little in order to save their lives now. Mask up and viligently practice social distancing. Thank You!

  3. If anyone is afraid, they should just stay home. Open up and allow the responsible people freely enjoy the ocean and beach. The hospitals are caught up, the curve is flattened…so do the right thing and let’s start living life again!! If you are selling beach badges, people are expecting you to be open by Memorial Day weekend. If you don’t open up, you are in for a big awakening!

  4. opening the B and B is a mandate by the people of Ventnor. the governor also stated shore towns, like Ventnor, “can reopen their B and B with restrictions”. most downbeach communities are open , you should observe their guidelines and proceed It’s vital. Don Siok

  5. Open the Boardwalk. It’s just another walkway. Wider (20ft) than sidewalks @ 6ft. Use police patrols to break up groups of unrelated children. Closing boardwalk just restricts available space for walking, jogging and biking. Enough with the unnecessary
    ‘security show.’

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