VIDEO: Commissioner John Amodeo Answers Margate Homeowner Questions

Did you watch this special, MHA Downbeach webcast on Saturday, May 15?

Commissioner John Amodeo was the featured guest at the recent Margate Homeowners Association meeting.

If you missed it, just click and watch it here.

Amodeo shared facts, figures and some interesting analysis on the current state of Margate.

  • Lamberti’s on Amherst. Bulkhead Deal. HOA?
  • City litigation. Road work cracks foundations?
  • The never ending, bike rack saga.
  • Legal marijuana in Margate.
  • Launch watercraft in Margate?
  • Why lack of speeding tickets?
  • Offshore wind-farms. Turbines off coast.
  • Infamous Hotel Overlay Zone. Greenhouse?
  • Ratable base in Margate: almost $4 billion.
  • Cost of Downbeach Express
  • Employee salaries. Longevity pay.

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8 thoughts on “VIDEO: Commissioner John Amodeo Answers Margate Homeowner Questions”

  1. Gary Aslanian

    Reason for virtual meetings is over . Time to get together and solve Margate’s problems .MMGA

  2. Looking forward to the completion of the bayside promenade and Lambertis ! It will elevate the bayside visitor enjoyment . Wish we could get a boardwalk.

  3. While Lambertis may be the same foot print on the ground, it was not previously two stories high. Why was this permitted? If their parking lot only holds 64 cars, why was the restaurant allowed to build seating for 1000? I can only imagine the Captain Andy’s will have the same issues.

  4. The capacity of the parking lot has nothing to do with the capacity of the restaurant which is determined by its’ square feet. You’re comparing apples and oranges. A football stadium doesn’t have space for 20,000 cars on its own lot but seats 70,000. There are also plenty of places at the shore that that have no dedicated lots.

  5. Yes, why was LAMBERTI permitted by Margate to be two story high? DEP’s concern is for the water. Maybe saving Margate $ was their main objective. The customers
    of Lamberti’s park on the street illegally many times, even in front of driveways. His
    pick up food patrons are the worse. As people walk by, comments are made. Look at this monstrosity! Yes look at it!!! Look at it good. It is taking years to complete too. How long must we look at it? It is totally out of place on Amherst. If more buildings are allowed at this height, could one imagine what it is going to look like? If they are concerned about the bay water, why deny us view of it? It seems the answers to many questions is always MONEY AND POWER. True and sad.

  6. I would like to hear some discussion regarding traffic on Clermont Ave between Ventnor Ave and Amherst Ave, Clermont is used as a quick way to get to the bridge and to avoid the traffic lights on both Atlantic and Ventnor Avenues, there are few Speed signs on Clermont which are generally ignored.
    I believe the installation of an Electronic Speed Warning sign would be helpful on Clermont Ave, which is as just as important, as Atlantic or Amherst Avenues or any other Street in Margate.
    Additionally, I’m not aware of any traffic study that was performed on Clermont Ave, was any ever performed?

  7. Why are we seeing a lot more commercial trucks using Huntington Ave instead of using Jerome Ave? The other day 2 large car haulers went up Huntington instead of Jerome Ave. I thought the idea changing street directions last year was to reduce traffic. Winchester and Monmouth are now speed ways and short cuts for all type of vehicles.

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