Water Park Owners Present To Margate Commissioners

Owners of the potential Amherst Ave aqua park presented ideas to the Margate Board of Commissioners on Thursday, Oct. 18.

The Aqua Park owners are Maggie Day and Tom Tice. Day is president of Stone Harbor’s Chamber of Commerce. Tice runs Island Water Sports Park in Stone Harbor.

The so-called ‘Island Aqua Park Margate’ would feature floating inflatable rafts and slides from June thru September. The attraction would be open from 9a to 6p daily.

Days sees the Margate bayfront as a ‘members only club’. That’s gotta change she says. Only bayfront property owners or those who dock their boats can enjoy the bay for recreation and views.

The aqua park will have at least 12 lifeguards on duty. Life jackets are mandatory.

Patrons will use ramps to the pier, which lead to floating slides and other bouncy inflatables. A ticket counter will be constructed on the pier.

If permits and approvals are green-lighted, the park could be open by spring 2019. But that’s not guaranteed.

Tice and Day are now asking the State of NJ to issue a dredging permit. They want to dredge their portion of the Margate back bays.

Also: Will Tice and Day replace the portion of Margate-owned bulkhead connected to their property? That’s the way it works with other adjacent businesses.

Will neighboring Lamberti’s fulfill their agreement to replace bulkheads?

Up next: present Aqua Park project to NJ DEP, and then, to the Margate Planning Board.

Will Margate become Wildwood? Some fear it could, eventually. Ex: the not-so-miniature golf course, and threats of another beach front high-rise / hotel.


Margate Work Meeting 10/18/2018

2 thoughts on “Water Park Owners Present To Margate Commissioners”

  1. Would be interested in knowing what’s going on with anything associated with our island–AC, VENTNOR, MARGATE, LONGPORT.

  2. I am surprised at the quoted comment by Ms Day, the owner of the proposed water park in Margate , that Margate Marina Area is”a members only club.”

    She lives in Stone Harbor.
    Reportedly, there have been serious concerns with sanitation in the water park in Stone Harbor.
    Why would Ms Day be concerned for our community, or the quality quality of life in Margate? Margate is different from Stone Harbor, which has a very large commercial area with public parking. I do not know the street on which she lives, but has anyone installed permanent portal toilets in front of her home? This has been mentioned as a solution to the real sanitary concerns and needs.
    Our Commissioners usually care about all aspects of the lives of the people of Margate
    Hopefully, they will hear the concerns from their residents, and respond in the best interest of the community of residents in Margate.

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