ACCC Accused of Employee Segregation based on Race

Barbara Gaba Racism ACCC
Gaba Disappoints MLK.

According to non-profit educational / research group Liberty & Prosperity, an anonymous email was received from someone employed at the Atlantic City campus of Atlantic Cape Community College. 

Cindy DeFalco, the Director of Human Resources at ACCC sent the email to all college employees last week.

It invites them to attend separate ‘focus group meetings’ at the Mays Landing campus of the college this week, based on their race and/or ethnic group.

ACCC Segregates Employees by Ethnicity

Monica Kyle accc gabba ACCC Segregates Employees by Ethnicity
Actual Email.

Employees “who identify as Black, Hispanic, Asian American, Native American or Pacific Islanders” are invited to attend the meeting at 3pm on Thursday, January 26.

Employees “who do not identify as Black, Hispanic, Asian American, Native American, or Pacific Islanders” are invited to attend a separate meeting at 4pm on Friday, January 27.

This anonymous source wrote that because the paid workday ends at 4:30 pm, the group that meets Thursday at 3pm will be paid for most of their attendance at the “focus group meeting”.  However, the group that meets at 4pm on Friday will be paid only for thirty minutes of their time.

accc President Barbara Gabba & Gary Hill
President Barbara Gaba & CRDA Socialite, Gary Hill

The email states that the purpose of these “focus group meetings” and other “division meetings” is to “discuss leveling equity as it relates to both instruction and student services”. 

Update:  January 25, 2023 at 1:30 P.M.:  Liberty and Prosperity confirmed that the email is authentic.  Also confirmed: Atlantic Cape Community College did in fact schedule two separate racially segregated meetings for its employees this Thursday and Friday. 

However, because the college received so much public criticism after we posted and shared this information, it is in now in the process of cancelling those meetings. 

ACCC President Barbara Gaba also helps decide who gets #WindMoney from Orsted and other offshore wind-turbine companies.

Atlantic Cape Community College (ACCC) is run by a 13 member Board of Trustees. Three are chosen by Governor Phil Murphy. Seven are chosen by Atlantic County. The remaining trustees are appointed by the Commissioners of Cape May County.

The ACCC Board of Trustees sets policy and has final authority over budgets and expenditures, and the president is responsible for internal administrative operations.

The current ACCC Board of Trustees members are:

  1. Ellen Byrne, Esq., Chairperson
  2. Daniel L. Money ’72, Vice Chairperson
  3. Robert A. Previti ’73, Treasurer
  4. Flora Castillo
  5. Christina Clemans
  6. Dave Coskey
  7. Dr. Thomas Dawson
  8. Judith DeStefano
  9. Monica Kyle
  10. Donald Parker
  11. Maria Ivette Torres
  12. Julia Train ’22, Alumni Representative
  13. Leslie White-Coursey

The Atlantic Cape Community College Board of Trustees June 28 appointed Monica Kyle as its newest trustee during its monthly meeting held on the Mays Landing campus.

Kyle is currently employed as Longport’s municipal clerk.

From American Thinker: Sunlight has again proven to be the best disinfectant. I called ACCC. In response to my question about whether the notice was real, a woman in the personnel department tersely replied that, yes, it’s real, “but it was a mistake, and we’re retracting it.”

Whether out of ignorance, because of principle, or because everyone does it, ACCC decided to segregate its employees. When people learned about this and objected, ACCC saw the error of its ways and changed its approach.

A great lesson for those of us who prefer a country in which institutions do not put their thumbs on the racial (or sexual identity or gender or whatever) scale.

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5 thoughts on “ACCC Accused of Employee Segregation based on Race”

  1. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

    MLK would be ashamed of what has unfolded.

    If you travel or have traveled the world, you would come to find that our country is the least racist country on earth.

    No where else does such a mixture of religions, cultures, ethnicities exist but in America. Go to Italy. Guess what you’ll see nothing but Italians. Go to Irland, all Irish. You got my point.

    A small group of extreme left socialist have taken control of our schools and children and we let it happen. Time to put the gloves on.

  2. It seems to me that some black racist leaders are playing serious misguided games of payback. These second tier leaders are more racist in deeds that they ever could have suffered.

    This new segregated meeting schedule is wrong. It is no way different than segregated bathrooms or water fountains. The big difference is the bathroom and water fountain disgraces are from 60 years ago or longer.

    This new racism is now and it’s DISGUSTING!

    This should not be tolerated. This person should be replaced.

    This is the best we can do for educating our children?

  3. Amen to your “MLK would be ashamed of what has unfolded!” This pale faced gal learned more about race, color, sameness, and awareness of the necessity for color unity from MLK than from any other living being of my time on earth. Through MLK, I spiritually learned, recognized and understood the plight of those who were not white in America.

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