Atlantic County Exec Levinson: Re-open Small Business Now.

Open NJ Small Business. Now.

Atlantic County Executive Denny Levinson just sent a second letter to NJ Gov. Phil Murphy, urging him to open NJ for business. Now. Not sometime in the future.

Levinson’s first letter to Trenton was sent on May 18. Seemingly ignored.

Please, let’s open retail business in New Jersey. Be safe & smart about it. At very least, provide rationale for keeping NJ economy under lock-down.


Non-essential businesses remain closed, including those that depend on summer tourism to carry them through-out the year.

Why allow big box stores like Target, Sam’s Club and Walmart to operate? County Exec Levinson says those stores benefit greatly during the shut-down, while smaller stores are bleeding dry.

“It would be helpful if we had an explanation to provide them or the science and data behind your decision to keep them closed or operating at a limited capacity”

County Exec Levinson

Levinson says small business can be more responsible than larger competitors. “far easier to enforce social distancing, face masks, and hygiene and sanitation protocols by virtue of the smaller numbers of customers and employees”.

Failure to act in opening the NJ economy, will result in the cure being worse than the disease.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Murphy moving goal post. First, it was ‘flatten the curve’. Once achieved, Gov wants more testing. Now, many blue state governors like PA, NY and NJ say vaccine is needed before a return to normal. Could ‘contact tracing’ be another delay tactic?

PA, NY & NJ defending mistakes made in protecting nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

50-60% of Covid-19 deaths occurred in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Mainstream media accused of amplifying fear. Placing most focus on cases, not overall situation.

Levinson: “As of today, nearly one week after the holiday weekend, most of those ‘non-essential’ businesses remain closed with the exception of some that are permitted to provide curbside service. Those still closed include a great number of small ‘mom and pop’ stores that depend upon the busy summer tourism season to carry them through the year.”

For most, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms that clears up in a matter of weeks. Older adults and those with existing health conditions have higher risk of severe illness or death..

NJ Assemblyman Louis Greenwald says: Less than 1% of Atlantic County testing positive for coronavirus. Recent state Department of Health data shows New Jersey not experiencing same outbreak level statewide. Southern New Jersey counties experienced a delayed peak in total hospitalizations compared to the northern and central regions. South Jersey counties have benefited greatly from early intervention strategies.


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