Atlantic County Hammered for Weak COVID-19 Leadership

There’s a COVID-19 leadership vacuum in Atlantic County. That includes the Atlantic City region as well. So says WPG Radio host Harry Hurley. We agree. So do many others.

This deadly fact is especially worrisome as Coronavirus cases start to rise here in South Jersey and the Atlantic City region.

Atlantic County Executive, Denny Levinson, is nowhere to be found. ‘You can’t find the guy’ says WPG 1450am radio host, Harry Hurley. Listen >

Listen. Hurley Hammers Levinson.


Hurley says he’s the one that informed County Executive Denny Levinson of Covid-19 cases emerging in Atlantic County.

Some can rise to occasion. Some are chokers. Some can’t handle the pressure, says Hurley. Somebody’s got to step up and lead.

He (Levinson) has not been good.

Harry Hurley

Hurley: Some people have stepped up and lead. And some people have shrunken to nothing. We need more people to make it happen. Get it done.

Why no daily briefings from Atlantic City and Atlantic County?

Still waiting for Denny to confirm, says Hurley.

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