Margate Old City Hall & Historical Society Museum

Margate Old City Hall Historical Society
Stop in and meet Gwen Mead. She’s awesome.

VIDEO > The Margate Historical Society is proud to present Old City Hall. A new location and new, updated exhibits. Corner of Washington & Ventnor Ave.

The society’s museum on South Washington Avenue contains the original Margate jail cell – direct from a 1917-era Navy destroyer. See the original Margate pull-cart fire engine from 1885 too.

Exhibits were created by the Margate Historical Society Alliance.

Margate Mayor Becker presented historical society founder Frank Tiemann, with an award for his work in forming the society in 1996, and his continued commitment to the collection.

Video Tour of Old City Hall w/ Margate Librarian, Gwen Mead

Tiemann said that after serving in the U.S. Army, he was a Margate police officer for 30 years

Historical artifacts, documents and exhibits. Stuff from when Margate was called South Atlantic City. Enjoy exhibits featuring old beach badges, blueprints, photos, maps, displays and classic artifacts of Lucy the Elephant.

The Margate Library has teamed up with the Margate Historical Society to preserve the City’s rich history.

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