How Casel’s Market Safely Stocks Shelves During Corona Crisis

Casel’s Market in Margate working overtime to keep staff and customers safe from issues related to COVID-19 issue.

Even in this time of uncertainty, Casel’s food items are flowing and shelves are being regularly re-stocked. Sure, you’ll see a few empty shelves here and there. Not to worry. They usually get re-stocked within a day or so. That’s been my experience so far.

Ventnor, Margate and Longport will not go hungry.

Here’s a letter from Casel’s owner, Howard Seiden, his management and staff:

We would like to explain, to some degree, how Casel’s works.

We have dozens of suppliers for a variety of items. We are using these suppliers to help us as much as possible. However, we use one main supplier that supplies a high percentage of our grocery, dairy and frozen departments.

We receive our deliveries every Tuesday and Thursday.

Under normal circumstances, we can order whatever we need to fill our shelves. However, during the past two weeks, and for the foreseeable future, our orders are now on an allotment.

The allotment is much lower than what is required to fully stock our shelves and these amounts are out of our control.

Free Delivery for Limited Time.

Additionally, when we do place an order, we are unsure whether our supplier has those items in stock. If the supplier doesn’t have an item, Casel’s will not be able to get it.

We hope this gives some insight as to why we may not have certain products and why we may be short on overall inventory.

Secondly, we wanted to talk about all our employees at the store. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful group of people who care about Casel’s. They are doing a great job and we worry about each one of them.

Managers of Casel’s came up with following policies to limit staff interaction:

We will not have service counters for the Deli/Smoked Fish/Salads or Meat/Seafood. Our entire inventory will be available in their respective cases, either pre-sliced or precut. We will be servicing it fresh, daily. No exceptions.

We are only opening registers 1, 3 and 5. There will be a line to enter that will feed you to the next open register. We hope to help maintain proper social distancing for everyone’s benefit.

Casel’s is limiting the number of items you may purchase of any one item to two (2). On paper goods, that limit will be one (1).

As to deliveries, Casel’s has waived the fee for this service. Curbside pickup is still free.

Once again, thank you for shopping at Casel’s and we will continue to do our best to service you.

8 thoughts on “How Casel’s Market Safely Stocks Shelves During Corona Crisis”

  1. Thank you to everyone at Casels for staying open during these difficult times! It is more appreciated than you know!

  2. are there sanitizing products available for carts and baskets? do cashiers wear gloves? are there hand sanitizers at registers and/or throughout store? thanks

  3. No comment as I cannot come to my Margate home. Instead I can go to Shop Rite in Somers Point
    with no problem.

  4. Maryann Slaughter

    Thank you to ALL Casel employees for the job you are doing! Polite, professional, courteous, helpful and appear to be doing everything they can to make our shopping experience safe

    1. Maryann Slaughter

      And to Neil with all your questions- just go and find out! Take your own wipes so you don’t use theirs, take your your own gloves and take your own hand sanitizer while you’re at it unless you only want to know because you’re going to take theirs !

  5. Maryann, its people like you who start panic. Neil had a concerning question that completely makes sense. Why dont you calm down and think what you can do to prevent the spread of COVID 19. We are part of the same community. Dont make us come apart.

  6. I was always the assumption that the term “shoebee” (which originated way before I was born)referred to the city people Way back when that packed the beach shoes, bathing suit and lunch in a shoe box, for the day.

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