Public Access to Margate Fishing Pier Doesn’t Include Fishing. WTF?

Margate Fishing Pier

The Margate Fishing Pier MIGHT get $800K in public funds to lengthen it’s structure by 125 ft.

One caveat: this private pier at Exeter Avenue must provide appropriate public access. The question is…what exactly is ‘appropriate’?

Commissioners Discuss Pier AUG 1, 2019.

Will the general public be able to FISH off the fishing pier? Nope. The barely 7 ft wide ‘public portion’ will be over sand. It’s more of a narrow walkway….than a pier.

Will ‘public portion’ be ADA compliant? No, says DEP’s Rosenblatt.

Current DEP proposed funding does not provide for benches, lights, restrooms or other needed upgrades to proposed public portion of Margate Fishing Pier.

DEP Dude, David Rosenblatt is almost ready to dole out $800k of public funds to extend the private, Margate Fishing Pier.

The $850k Man; Rosenblatt of DEP

Open access is required if money is used from the DEP’s open space program, Green Acres. Rosenblatt seems to be OK with the extremely limited access proposed by the city and pier.

Amodeo: Margate will not fund any upgrades without state grants. The DEP will not require additional rest rooms or ADA compliance “because it is an existing structure.”

According to Press of Atlantic City: Margate Fishing Pier public access will only be allowed from April thru October.

Commissioner Amodeo wants to make sure that Margate will only need to do the minimum amount of maintenance on the 7 ft wide, ‘public’ section, of the pier.

Fishing Pier 2017

Another question being raised: In addition to the 125 ft pier extension…..will the so-called ‘public portion’ of the pier be upgraded a well? The walk-way has seen better days.

Plenty of rickety planks and splintered railings need replacing. A good power wash might be in order too. City will need to borrow for lighting, benches, trashcans, etc. Not sure how inviting this sliver of walkway will be to the general public.

Amodeo reminded everyone that the DEP and the state are pushing access, recreation, restrooms and parking. To date, the City of Margate only wants public access to about 300 feet of the pier that sits over sand. The City will build a pair of staircases, only accessible from the beach.

Amodeo: Fishing is for members only. Easy access to the pier on Exeter Avenue at the bulkhead would remain private.

Access will be from a set of stairs in the middle of the beach. This publicly funded project is not ADA compliant. DEP Commissioner David Rosenblatt is OK with that.

You’ll need to trudge onto the beach in order to access this wooden walkway.

The pier clubhouse remains private. There’s no public access from Exeter Avenue. Public parking or restrooms will not be provided.

8 thoughts on “Public Access to Margate Fishing Pier Doesn’t Include Fishing. WTF?”

  1. Really???
    How does private enterprise get to use $875,000 of taxpayer money for private use?
    The public gets a 7 foot wide sliver of space that can be accessed from the beach???
    This is misuse of public funds.
    The pier should bd open to all except a small space at the tip for the private fishing club.
    This is an outrage that our commissioners are pushing through?????
    Are you kidding me!
    Add this to abuse of power for a boardwalk on Amherst and clearly the three amigos get elected and now they are running all over us!

    1. I completely agree with Bob W. Seems like yet another transfer of money from public to private hands. What purpose does it serve to have the public access a small amount of the pier? Sightseeing? Seems dubious.

      Perhaps a portion of the private club member’s dues could be used to pay back the tax payers.

    2. Susan Steinberg Koo

      I definitely do not think public funds should be used for a private entity. Let the pier members fund their improvements or provide public Access to the entire pier. What are the commissioners thinking ???

  2. Ludicrous! If a private fishing club wants to expand its reach into the sea and prohibit the public’s access, let them pay for it . Quid pro quo, baby; public funding=public access.

  3. This is outrageous and I’m sure the Margate Homeowners Association will fight it. No way will our public tax dollars be used for a private few people.

  4. I agree with the above comments about how ridiculous this is. I think there should be a portion that the public can fish from.

  5. How about certain peak hours for members only, the other off peak hours for all? Just got back from Newport Beach pier. Open to all with a restaurant on the end. Santa Monica Piet has a little environmental education section at the end. Lots of public piers in SoCal just nice for walking and enjoying the views. Why all the drama? Is the fishing really that great in this area?

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