Longport Police Department Launches New Website

Longport PD

The Longport Police Department has launched a new website. The site is packed with info and newly developed services, with the goal of making it easier for residents to reach out and obtain information.

Residents can utilize the new site for a variety of enhanced services such as requesting public documents, requesting property checks on individual residences, or registration of residential security cameras.

The site also will maintain direct links for other local, state, and federal agencies.

“The online focus is part of a community policing initiative we are undertaking as an agency. The men and women of this department take pride in the personalized service we are able to provide our residents. The new website is being launched to continue the service they’ve grown to expect,”said Chief Frank Culmone. This new site will allow our agency to reach more people and will allow residents to be more comfortable in communicating with the officers they already interact with daily. This new communication tool will allow our agency to provide up to date and critical information to residents when they need it most.

Residents and visitors can also find updates on newly developed programs and services. This includes names with direct links to officer emails, domestic violence laws and helplines, elder affairs information, and safety tips to name a few.

The agency’s mission and vision moving forward under Chief Culmone’s command is listed front and center on the department’s home page.

“The old website no longer met the demands of our community. This site will be much more engaging to the public”, said Chief Culmone.

In 2015, Chief Culmone designated Sgt Ray Burgan as its Public Information Officer. He will be responsible for website development and the agency’s dissemination of information through Longport PD’s social media through Facebook and Twitter.

Residents who do not subscribe to either social media source will have instant access to the agency’s social media posts free of charge through this website.

Please visit: www.longportpd.org

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