Longport Mayor Asks Congressman Van Drew for Help With Worsening Postal Service

us postal service
US Postal Service

Longport Mayor, Nick Russo, growing concerned about shaky postal service for residents of this part of Downbeach. Russo reached out to NJ Congressman, Jeff Van Drew for help.

Dear Congressman VanDrew:

As you are probably aware, Longport is one of New Jerseys’ small, pristine, communities with a relatively small full-time population that increases exponentially during the summer months.

I understand, like most cities nationwide, that there has been an increased use of the U.S. Post Office services due to the online shopping trends exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recognizing these postal service challenges, I still respectfully request that every effort be made to maintain the high level of service that was afforded to our community prior to March 2020.

It was around this time that residents reported a decrease in the level of services, namely packages and mail delayed, deliveries to wrong addresses or mail ‘held’ for long periods of time for unknown reasons.

Therefore, I respectfully request that the funding for our Postal Service continue at the previous level or be increased, so that this important service is not compromised or minimalized.

If you require additional information or wish to discuss this matter, please feel free to call me at 609.823.2731 ext. 104.

Thank you so much for your anticipated consideration.


Nicholas M. Russo, Ed.D., Mayor Borough of Longport

3 thoughts on “Longport Mayor Asks Congressman Van Drew for Help With Worsening Postal Service”

  1. Good luck with that. Van Drew made his pact with the devil and his constituents can follow
    him and the Republican Party straight into hell

  2. I contacted Van Drew and he responded with all B S about offering him clearance to contact the post office.
    Put a fork in him he is done

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