Lower Chelsea Councilman Jesse Kurtz, Short-Term-Rental Update

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Lower Chelsea and Downbeach neighbors bracing for another summer season of short-term-rentals.

In some cases, once quiet streets become mini-motel zones.

McMansions hosting Saturday night bachelor parties. Trash, parking, noise, public urination. A revolving door of poorly vetted tenants. Spotty enforcement of short-term rentals. (STR).

AC Councilman Jesse Kurtz provided a short-term-rental update on his recent radio appearance. WOND Radio, Feb 5, 2024. Listen:

Kurtz is a 6th ward councilman for Atlantic City which includes the family friendly, Lower Chelsea neighborhood.

Absecon Island Short-Term Rental Chaos.

AirBnB type websites combined with questionable enforcement.

STR’s are commercial businesses operating in residential neighborhoods.

Watch video.

AC has no rental minimums. You can rent for one night only. This often invites trouble for the neighborhood.

Brigantine has a 2 night minimum stay for rentals. Ventnor has a 3 night minimum. Margate has a 7 night minimum.

Generally, the lower the minimum night stay, the greater chance for late night parties… and worse.

Watch Brigantine Short-Term-Rental Revolt.

9 thoughts on “Lower Chelsea Councilman Jesse Kurtz, Short-Term-Rental Update”

  1. As an airbnb operator in my house, I’m for a maximum number of licenses. A casino hotel is a short term rental. To punish good airbnb operators isn’t fair either. Taxes have increased, so many seniors have looked to airbnb as extra income. Don’t punish them otherwise they will leave.

    1. So let them leave. Have a real owner buy the property, and not dome fake airbnb owner buy it. Grandma makes lots of money on the sale and moves to something she can afford. Problem solved.

  2. @Samuel

    Unfortunately, you seem to be in the minority. There are far too many STR owners that don’t care. Therefore, it ends up being a problem for all. Personally, I’d rather have actual owners live in their homes vs. these side hustles that are out of control.

    @kurtz – Let’s pass minimum number of nights (say 3), ensure COs are verified, treat STRs as a business, limit the number of STRs in any given neighborhood or by street. That’s a start. Treat the good owners as a priority and get rid of the rest.

  3. The second video was insightful. How many STR owners are unknowingly or knowingly doing something fraudulent (e.g., mortgage clause or insurance policy.) It seems ripe for lawyers to start suing and catch the non law abiding STR owners. Sell now and invest elsewhere.

  4. Margate yr resident

    If Margate has a 7 Day STR restriction and policy, then who is enforcing that? I can show you many AirBnB listings in Margate you can book right now for 1 night! Policy is one thing, having the City actually enforce it is another. Who ensures that the STR owners/booking sites are complying?

  5. @Margate YR Resident 100% right. You can set a policy for 20 days, but without enforcement it means nothing. Very similar to all the violence that’d happening in many places.

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