Margate Homeowners Request More Beach Security For Memorial Day Weekend

Margate Memorial Day Weekend
Margate Memorial Day Weekend

The Margate Homeowners Association (MHA) wants better beach security for Memorial Day Weekend. As we recall….. 13 juveniles were arrested on Memorial Day weekend of 2017. Fights broke out among 300+ students who gathered on the Margate beach near Lucy the Elephant. 13 were charged with disorderly conduct and simple assault, along with drug usage and underage drinking. Most were from out of town.

The MHA encouraged Mayor Michael Becker to discuss the issue at the recent commissioner meeting on Thursday, March 7.

The MARGATE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION suggests that requiring a beach badge on Memorial Day weekend could help reduce the problem of underage drinking on the beach. Memorial Day weekend is May 25-27.

Margate Commissioners will consider the request again on Thursday, 4p, March 21 at Historic City Hall, 1 S. Washington Ave. The public is encourage to attend and voice their comments. 

Normally, Margate doesn’t mandate beach badges until the third week in June.

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Buy 2019 Margate Beach Badges

10a to 3p Mon through Fri starting on April 1. The Martin Bloom Community Pavilion at Huntington Ave. Behind the library.

Badges are also sold Mon through Fri at the Margate Municipal Building, 9001 Winchester Ave.

  • Pre-season rates (April-May)
  • $7 for adults and children 12+
  • $3.50 for senior citizens 65+ through May 31.
  • Starting June 1, all beach badges are $15.

Learn more about the Margate Homeowners Association here.

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