Margate Officials Pushing for Amherst Boardwalk and Bike Lanes.

Site of Amherst Boardwalk?

Amherst Ave residents were surprised by what Margate Commissioners are now considering across from their bayfront homes.

The Margate Board of Commissioners want to build a suspiciously named, 5 block ‘boardwalk’ promenade along the Amherst Avenue marina district. Opponents see this as a sneaky way to use public funds that mainly benefits private property & marina owners on the back bay.

While residents are hoping for an ocean front boardwalk that benefits all, elected officials are placing their focus on using taxpayers dollars for extending the private Margate Fishing pier, and a marina promenade primarily used by boaters.

The 5 block, Amherst boardwalk promenade would be built 2 feet above street level, complete with railings, lighting. The project includes replacement of 500 feet of city-owned bulkhead. This upgrade will greatly benefit marinas, businesses and those that own private property along this portion of Amherst Ave in Margate.

It’s Good To Be The King.

A back bay boardwalk would be squeezed between parked cars and the bulkhead. From the building that houses Junior’s, all the way to the border of Longport, just past Lamberti’s.

Views would be obstructed, say those who live across from the proposed project. Litigation has been ongoing in this area. It could get worse. Watch for Margate to attract more lawsuits. Spending 10’s of thousands in litigation.

Parking along the ocean side of Amherst Ave may be tuned into bike lanes.

Margate City Administrator Richard Deaney will soon receive a budget and work schedule.

This project is moving fast. Some say too fast. Cost estimates have not been made public. It’s unknown if those adjacent to the proposed project have been officially notified. The city may not be legally required to do so.

Margate Solicitor John Scott Abbott & the commissioners really want this. Especially Mr. Abbott, who might gain substantially with this project.

City Admin Richard Deaney wants to expedite efforts to borrow money for the project, via a capital bond ordinance. The Aug. 15 commissioner meeting will likely move this effort along fast. Deaney wants to put this project out to bid in September.

Margate Solicitor John Scott Abbott is prepping to use any means necessary to gain control of private property that might be needed. Easements or eminent domain? How will affected property owners respond if they have so-called riparian rights?

This residential neighborhood along the bay has faced an onslaught of developers trying to build everything from high rises to water parks.

25 thoughts on “Margate Officials Pushing for Amherst Boardwalk and Bike Lanes.”

  1. We need proper safe bike paths, but Amherst isn’t the right place for it. The traffic is heavy and there are often drunk drivers zooming up and down, all day long. I saw a man arrested for DUI at 9am last Thursday outside Stacy’s. And we want to throw children on bikes into the mix? Get real.

    Having a bike path on Amherst is a recipe for accidents.

  2. Could be a nice way to watch the sunset. I wish they could incorporate a public swimming dock somewhere along the bay.

  3. Amherst Ave. is the only high ground to park our cars during the many floods on Monmouth Ave. and the side streets.

    1. TFB, what does that have to do with this situation. The traffic and speeding from the idiots and drunks are already bad enough on Amherst Ave, adding a useless boardwalk that will only line the pockets of the corrupt politicians is not a good idea for any one. Thank you!

  4. What we actually need along the Marina is a place to drop in paddle boards and kayaks that is open to the public. There is no place in Margate that gives bay access to the public.

    1. Yes! So true. My family of 5 would take full advantage of this. We’ve been using the ventnor boathouse area and the water there is distrusting with several outfall pipes.

  5. Once again you make whatever the city does sound so ominous.
    This project has been talked about for years and was originally proposed
    to enhance the bay front for enjoyment by all………..

  6. The elected officials of margate, should put a little more input, to important issues like the flooding problems we have in the different parts of town, and back bay areas

  7. I think it’s a great idea ! Would add more charm to Margate. However, it doesn’t sound like a popular idea. Imagine a new beautiful boardwalk facing the ocean and a more finished bayside. But

    1. It is popular. Everyone I speak with supports it and hates that the area looks terrible and neglected now. Only people complaining are the owners on the other side of the street and the folks who complain about everything the mayor does.

  8. They should spend more effort to bring back an actual place the rest of us can go fish and rent boats rather than cater to a select few who don’t even live here half the year.

  9. agreed. most ppl do not own bay front properties. would be a great area to have rental boats,etc. available. that area too narrow for dedicated bike lane and congested with ppl constantly circling looking for restaurant parking.

    1. I concur. The promenade sounds like a lovely addition to see on my daily morning walks along Amherst and the bay : )

      I especially enjoy the sunsets in February when it gets dark early.

  10. Leave the back bay area for boats & fishermen. Why not just add a few new piers with benches like Washington Avenue pier for enjoying the beautiful sunsets. I think the boardwalk needs to be along the ocean, Amherst Avenue is way to busy and not safe for children.

  11. Everyone is writing that Amherst isn’t safe. This is true. I live a block off the marina area. Everyone complains when the city does nothing then complains of corrupt intent every time they do something.
    Let’s do something. It should be pedestrian friendly in that area. The condo owners and their view aren’t the only folks with an interest here. The raised promenade or boardwalk, with bike lanes and proper crosswalks on the street, is a great idea that will improve the appearance and safety of this neglected area.

  12. Love the idea…this town in the summer is filled with people drinking whether it be Ventnor, Margate or Longport….to have a designated area to bike and walk would be wonderful!

    1. 700 hundred feet at most.
      Will benefit the marinas and the new Aqua Park.
      Everyone is worried about the ocean boardwalk cost to their taxes. that project will benefit everyone.
      What will this cost everyone to benefit only a few?
      Another back room secret deal that our three leaders??? Are pushing through.

  13. Mimi Haneman Weitzman

    Why a boardwalk on the Bay? The reported rationale that residents cannot walk along the Bay, and a boardwalk is needed, just does not make any sense.

    The reported plan that makes the street narrower creates multiple potential safety concerns for everyone. Why is the City prepared to borrow to build a boardwalk along a part of Amherst Ave?

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