Momentum Grows For Rebuilding Margate Boardwalk

Downbeach Boardwalking.

Over 600 signatures representing boardwalk lovers will be presented to the Margate Commissioners, on Thursday, Aug 15. at 4pm.

Margate lost it’s beloved boardwalk during the Storm of 1944. The Margate Boardwalk Committee is on a mission to see it re-built.

Click to listen > Steve Davidson & Glenn Klotz of the Margate Boardwalk Committee. Dan Klein Radio. WOND., Harry Hurley Radio. WPG. AUG. 13, 2019.


Margate Boardwalk Background

In 2017, NJ Gov. Chris Christie was desperate to spend $100 million in Hurricane Sandy relief funding. His plan: Foist 14 ft dunes, wider beaches, and a massive outfall sewer pipe network along the coast.

Locally, a re-built Margate boardwalk would help soften the blow of the ham-handed, one-size-fits-all, DEP managed, beach replenishment & dune project.

Will a Margate Boardwalk attract crime? No. Actually, the neighborhoods become safer. A boardwalk actually increases safety. Dunes create hidden blind spots. Dunes blocking the view of potential danger and wrong doings. A boardwalk would provide better beach access for emergency vehicles.

A Margate boardwalk would takes bikes & runners off of dangerous, Atlantic Ave.

In terms of cost, taxpayers might be surprised to learn that this community project would be financially in reach of most residents.

Margate Boardwalk Funding Possibilities:

  • Monies that come from increased ratables via new construction.
  • Re-allocate funds. ex: combine 2 half-empty schools.
  • Grants and other financial assistance.
  • Federal transportation grants.
  • Long-term bonding at low interest rates.
  • Naming rights to pavilions, bench sponsorship, donations.

Margate Boardwalk Options

  • $14mil for a basic boardwalk with minimal amount of street-end ramps
  • $19mil for Ventnor-style boardwalk, 20 ft wide.
  • $24mil for ‘Uniquely Margate’ boardwalk. 27 ft wide, dedicated bike lane, street-end ramps, pavilions, solar powered lighting.

COST of Rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk: Less than $200 per year, per taxpayer.

4 thoughts on “Momentum Grows For Rebuilding Margate Boardwalk”

  1. Don’t believe the cost estimates, it will cost 2X as much to build and take 2X as long. The on-going maintenance will be significantly higher than anticipated. Be very careful, eyes wide open folks!!

  2. I don’t believe the cost estimates either. It will cost half as much to build and take half as long. The ongoing maintenance will be significantly lower than anticipated. Be very happy, the sun is shining bright!

  3. This is a fool’s errand. How many extra city workers, police and firemen will this cost? That’s what we don’t know. And we don’t know what we don’t know. Until Margate takes action on the bloated school system and the onerous pension obligations, this is a a big NO!

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