No Laughing Matter for Jersey Shore. Jim Breuer’s Wind Scam Warning.

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The Jersey shore should be on super high alert. There’s something going on with those wind turbines that you have no clue about.

During a recent ‘Breuniverse’ podcast, comedian Jim Breuer urged his online audience of 253,000 to wake up before it’s too late.

Breuer: If you own homes at the Jersey shore, I don’t think you realize what’s about to be placed on your shoreline.

‘If you don’t get involved, you can’t open your big mouth when your property value plummets.’

Breuer: Your Governor is selling you down the river. A billionaire selling out to more billionaires. He (Gov Murphy) doesn’t even go to the Jersey Shore. He goes to Italy and his $9 million villa.

Climate change and green energy are smoke screens. They know it plays on your emotions. Not only is it not green, it’s the opposite. It’s some of the most toxic of fuel energies.

Jim Breuer

Your Governor (Phil Murphy) is going to another country and bringing in another country that has studies basically saying: we’re probably gonna disrupt whale life and dolphins and sea creatures and birds and wind flow, but, you know, we haven’t tested this.

Jim Breuer: The atrocities that these people are selling in the name of green energy and climate change. I’m begging. Stop falling for sales pitches when you hear the word ‘climate change’ over and over.

Fisheries will be negatively affected. Danish company (ORSTED) going to build 3 acres of cement, every mile, underwater.

That’s just one company. Others are lined up too. They got a billion dollars, but not for New Jersey. Not for U.S citizens, but to Danish company (ORSTED) who are basically saying, ‘We’re going to disrupt the wild. We have permits that say we’re allowed to kill a dolphin, maybe a couple of whales.’

Sonar blasting have killed more mammals in the last six months. They keep washing up on shore. The first time in history this many have washed up. A pod of eight dolphins. Ask fishermen. They’ve never seen this in their lifetimes.

Mayors accepted wind cash.

Breuer just filmed a documentary interviewing both sides of the issue and political forum. He discovers both sides are united on this subject.

Wind turbines. You’ll be paying more for energy. You’re not saving money or saving energy. Your not saving the planet either.

Jim Breuer: Where’s the ‘Save The Whales’ people? They got paid. A little donation. A grant. Nice words for: here’s some money now keep your mouth shut.

Editor’s Note: Not a peep from MMSC Marine Mammal Stranding Center, Stockton University, local green teams and other enviro-groups. Many shore towns like Ventnor, Margate and Longport are also quiet after receiving approx $500K in ‘grants’ from those foreign wind companies.

The New York bred comic storyteller made the list of Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Standups of All Time. Breuer came to national attention during his seasons on Saturday Night Live.


24 thoughts on “No Laughing Matter for Jersey Shore. Jim Breuer’s Wind Scam Warning.”

  1. Should we start impeachment articles for the governor? Add others to the list to recall until they get the point. How do we start this?

  2. Elaine W. Charny

    This man is not qualified to discuss intelligently and accurately wind power. There are scientists who have studied this for years that I prefer for advice and expertise.

    1. Dr. John W Welsh

      I’m qualified as I studied marine biology and zoology. I will say sonar blasting does effect mammals like whales and dolphins, fish and crustaceans.

      Don’t believe me? Have your husband or neighbor get a air horn and every 10- 15 seconds, have them hit the button while your trying to watch your tv show or read a book.

  3. Lady Miss Longport

    Hey Longport peeps, Mayor Russo supports industrialization of our ocean. Destroying marine life for experimental wind turbines is not green. It’s criminal.


      I fish there. A desert out there. You find fish at reefs man-made or natural. Try your fishfinder. They’re all near the wrecks, sunken ships, railroad cars, tanks, you name it.

      There will be fish getting to the wrecks. period. Build the wind farms.

      1. I fish out there but i’m not going for little fish, I’m goin for tuna, swordfish and the occasional mahi-mahi.

        The fish I go for are 15 miles out where these turbines are going.

        So you see, it does effect our fisheries.

  4. Listen to an average guy. He is on to the Democrat lie. The new wealthy can’t ruin fast enough. They believe a Mercedes EV and a BLM sign on their front lawn says I’m cool and woke.

  5. You can’t shut down large base load powered generators like nuclear, coal, fossil fuel plants and replace them with renewables, when the SUN ONLY SHINES AND THE WIND ONLY BLOWS INTERMITTENTLY, and also at the same time electrify everything.

    Think about the demand that electric vehicle charging stations have on the grid…that’s going to take require a lot more electricity. Because of lots of different government policies, we’re shutting down the largest producers of electricity.

    Physics will not allow us to continue to have the lights on with the path we’re heading down. These Gov. policies are human induced and malicious yet a completely fixable problem! We need to protect our life sustaining infrastructures like the electric grid against catastrophic threats – storms- like in 1921, cyber attacks, malware…the list goes on. Go to our Secretary of Energy for the standards of our government and The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

    Lastly, WE ADOPT POLICIES THAT RELY ON CHINA TO PRODUCE, whether it’s transformers or the tens of thousands of inverters, that we need for our renewables, WIND AND SOLAR TECHNOLOGY ITSELF.


    When we embrace policies that create and enhance dependency on China, while at same time creating vulnerabilities because we’re not producing enough electricity – IT’S A GRID RELATED THREAT.

    States like Texas have taken steps to enact legislation, authored by Senator Bob Hall, that could create a commission at THE STATE LEVEL that could analyze threats and decide for the state how it would address threats – as opposed to just depending on the federal government.

    There’s NO REASON why states can’t do this around the country.

    See Tommy Waller’s work (President of Center for Security Policy). See Grid Down, PowerUp documentary.

    1. Your/our government is trying its hardest to reduce America to a third world country, subservient to the new world order as articulated by the Davos thugs. All in the name of equity. If you think this is a joke watch a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Part I and II, a documentary, to see how the seeds of Marxism were planted in this country. We are late in waking up to the threat that has infected our schools, universities government and tech companies. If you think you have enough money to insulate you and your family from this, I assure you, you do not. What you have will be taken from you, whether it’s a little or a lot.

  6. Christine Powell

    Murphy gets richer as we get poorer. No bags. Strict Covid protocols for years. Coming after our stoves. Selling out our beautiful shore. There was no vote on this!

    What about the endangered species act. No one will want to go to the shore to see it’s industrialization.

    It will ruin tourism, commercial fishing, relaxation of beach experience, kill marine life and birds, raise electric bills in a state which is already over taxed.

    More people will move if this goes forward….and your correct most ppl are clueless about what’s happening right under their noses!

    Biden & Murphy are ruining this Country and State and are both as corrupt as the day is long!!!


    Take out the enemy with no bullets…old school…The Art of War.


    There will be a push for blackouts and climate lockdowns. This is DANGEROUS. It will not save. It will kill. It’s anti-progress-anti-human and ANTI-ENVIRONMENT.

    1. Climate is the new Covid? As in 1,000,000 deaths from Covid in the US alone? Yeah, you left that out.

      Anti-environment? Yeah, oil and gas (that funds your agenda) is just great for the environment, right?

      You’re a raging hypocrite.

  8. Michael Humphreys

    This comedian is the joke. He has a mouthpiece and he’s using it and he’s misinforming his listeners.

  9. Wind turbines generate more waste than electricity. Your energy bill will be significantly higher. New Jersey residents will foot the bill for the life of these wind turbine generators.

    Wind turbines have a life expectancy of about 20 years.

    There has yet to be discovered a financially viable means of recycling them and due to the high costs associated with removing them, some companies choose to leave them in place.

    The other awful choice is to dump them onto toxic waste dumps. Note: wind turbine blade can be longer than a Boeing 747 wing. It is made of lissome fiberglass using a diamond-encrusted industrial saw to create three pieces small enough to be strapped to a tractor-trailer when dismantled.

    Casper, Wyoming is the final resting place of 870 blades whose days of making renewable energy have come to an end.

    In the U.S alone, about 8,000 will be removed in each of the next four years. Europe has 3,800 coming down annually according to Bloomberg NEF.

    Are Wind Turbines the ultimate example of phony environmentalism?

    Globally by 2050, projections are that there will be 43 MILLION TONS OF BLADE WASTE produced EVERY YEAR – the equivalent 215,000 LOCOMOTIVES.
    These abandoned wind turbines pose significant environmental and safety risks, (for all you environmentalists), as they LEAK TOXIC CHEMICALS AND OTHER HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INTO THE SURROUNDING ENVIRONMENT AND CAN EVEN COLLAPSE OR CATCH FIRE.

    It is time for those few wealthy governments and those governments WHO ACCEPT FOREIGN MONEY (OUR NEW JERSEY STATE GOVERNMENT), for these turbines, to “clean up” their previous subsidized programs for INTERMITTENT ELECTRICITY, and act to subsidize the development to properly DECOMMISSION WIND TURBINES BEFORE they become a larger environmental crisis.

    Look to Sweden who shocked Europe by abandoning UNSTABLE GREEN ELECTRICITY AGENDA, and returning to nuclear power. Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson cited the need for a more “stable electrical supply system” in wind and solar electricity sources.

    The energy crisis in Europe is collapsing as countries like the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Greece are all beginning to realize that everything that needs electricity is made with fossil fuels and THEY’RE REVERTING.

    They’re also recognizing that all the components of wind turbines and solar panels (look at the process- especially silica, or polysilicon- needed for Photovoltaic solar panels), are made from the oil derivatives manufactured from crude oil.

    Do we really want these in our ocean? Just ask the fishermen. They know.

    Hey- Is this in the news? Sweden’s new government has abolished state subsidies for electric cars and plug in hybrids. hmmmmmm…..


    1. Vacationing in coastal nj will undoubtedly suffer. Talked this week with residents and motel owners alike. Popular opinion is one of mostly anger. No doubt that the political hacks who are directly involved in this green energy scam are being greased. These jackals are not stupid any more than they are concerned about the environment. They know exactly what they are doing. My wife and I love the Jersey shore. I’m certainly no marine biologist but the average person can clearly see the ascetic impact alone from this insane ideology. Harmonic vibration from wind towers will affect marine life make no mistake. Try tapping on an aquarium and watch your pet fish’s reaction.

      1. enough from the tin foil hat crowd

        “I’m certainly no marine biologist”

        should have stopped there. Equating an OCEAN to a fish tank is hilarious. I think you need a tune up on your brain’s “harmonic vibration”

        The actual marine biologists have stated there is no known connection, and vessel strikes have been the findings of most autopsies.

        Look at who is funding PROTECT OUR COAST, which is an astroturfing operation from GOP/big oil – Koch brothers, who also conveniently stand to profit from Keystone XL.

        The only legit argument is that these wind farms are ugly. If people just protested on those grounds I’d get behind it. But pushing pseudoscience backed by oil companies is a bad look.

        1. Are wind turbines the ultimate example of phony environmentalism? o.k. Here is a known connection. THE WIND TURBINES ARE UGLY.

          From SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Climate Wire, 9.25.23. “Nearly a million bats are killed each year in the United States by colliding with spinning wind turbines, prompting the Energy Department to give scientists millions of dollars to find ways to minimize bat casualties. As the United States seeks to expand wind energy to reduce carbon emissions and minimize climate impacts, land-based wind turbines are emerging as a threat to several bat species that are crucial to pollinating plants and increasing agricultural yield, said Winifred Frick, a chief scientist at Bat Conservation International, which protects bat species”.


          THE U.S. has more than 71,000 onshore wind turbines and is adding about 3,000 a year”. “The scientific community currently has no idea why wind turbines attract bats or how to deter the flying mammals from the turbines whose blades reach 200 feet”. hmmm…

          Question: Are they calculating whale and marine life deaths in the same manner? Is it more difficult to calculate our marine life deaths because our whale carcasses are not left UNDER the wind turbines due to the nature of water current? THINK!

          “The Biden administration is funding research to reduce casualties” CLIMATEWIRE. President Biden is funding millions of dollars to find ways to minimize bat casualties. The NEW Department of Energy (DOE) aims to address the knowledge gap. The $7.5 million comes from the infrastructure law Congress passed in 2021 and is going to scientists who will test untried methods of bat protection”.

          CREATE THE PROBLEM, THEN OFFER THE SOLUTION”. A CLASSIC totalitarian claim, that imposes its rule is for our benefit. THINK!!

          Don’t create the problem in the 1st place and have our president send those millions of dollars to the good people of East Palestine and Lahaina TO MINIMIZE HUMAN DEATH CASUALTIES?

          I know, crazy. right? Please think good people.

  10. Are Wind Turbine Generators the ultimate example of phony environmentalism? Do you really think that foreign money wants us to be energy independent?

    Where will needed parts come from? China and Bill Gates have purchased over a half million acres of US farmland. They’re not farmers. They’re buying land to CONTROL our food supply.

    Buy land and buy sea. They will own us and will control us.

    I was born and raised here. I do not want to see it go down the drain.

    New Jersey~ please do not roll over and let them take away our precious resources.

    And for what? Money.

  11. Is our government providing us enough energy security? A few thoughts on wind and solar… How RELIABLE are these renewables as an energy source? They only work when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining. They can be helpful in certain scenarios – provide power for you at the individual household level if you have battery backup when the rest of the power goes down. The problem is that a lot of the BIG investment now being made by the current administration is in wind and solar renewables.
    These BIG PROJECTS are to apply to the bulk power grid – to put them in LARGE forms where there is NO battery storage.They’re backed by other types of generation like just in time natural gas and in that way, they really are NOT reliable at all and can actually harm the resilience of the grid in many ways.
    At the moment, our country is shutting down large generation sources like coal fire power plants, nuclear plants and fossil fuel plants. Is our federal government providing us ENERGY SECURITY??? In 2020, an executive order declared a grid security emergency. It was recognized that our bulk power system has now become dependent on certain countries that are our adversaries -HOSTILE to the United States, including COMMUNIST CHINA. China understands our dependency on electricity. (think supply chain)
    1. Vesta (Aarhus, Denmark)
    2. SGRE (Zamudio, Spain)
    3. GE (Paris, France)
    4. Goldwind (Beijing, China)
    5. Envision (Shanghai, China)
    6. Mingyang (Zhongshan, China)
    7. Nordex (Aurich, Germany)
    8. Windey (Hangzhou, China)
    9. Enercom (Aurich, Germany)
    10. SE Wind ( Shanghai, China)
    11. PEC ( Chengdu, China)
    12. CSIS ( Chongquing, China)
    13. CRRC ( Haidian District, Beijing, China)
    14. United Power ( Beijing, China)
    15. SANY (Beijing, China)…..
    10. The Fire Failure of Klickitat County, Washington – Generator caught fire. At 1st, fire 300ft. in air, then melted pieces fell to the ground igniting the surrounding grass and started massive “Juniper” wildfire and burned up to 300 acres.
    9. The Tehachapi Turbine Failure – The wind turbine began to spin out of control near highway 58. Blades spun so fast that onlookers could not even see them. Failure unknown
    8. The Fenner Wind Farm Failure (Madison County, NY) One Wind turbine (187 tons), fell into middle of field. Formal report never released.
    7. The Broken Blades of Perkins High School (Ohio)-3 turbines in all. Blade became detached. Luckily school was not in session. 2nd time!!! in 2 years a turbine failed. 3 blades broke from another turbine -fiberglass everywhere. Twice failure.
    6. The Puzzling Turbine Collape of Shannon Wind Farm. Wind Turbine collapsed seemingly out of nowhere.
    note*** Wind Turbines have been falling all over the world often without reason. A testament to the volatile nature and potential hazards of wind turbines.
    5. The Perplexing Spinning Blades of Stragile WindFarm, Ireland. 8 wind turbines on site. Turbine collapsed although light winds that day. Noone was sure why blades spun out of control and the sound could be heard up to 7 miles away.
    4. The Unexplained Turbine Crash of North Palm Springs. Massive Wind Turbine crashed to ground. No reason, no structural deficiencies found!
    3. The Buckled Turbine of Chatham, Kent. Industrial Wind Turbine completely buckled in strange way. Turbine collapsed from center – All 51 turbines were shut down. Specialists were left baffled. ( i bet they were )
    2. The Tragic delta Winds Pete de Wit, The Netherlands. Top of turbine caught on fore. Firemen called but could not reach. called for crane but too late. Both mechanics on top performing maintenance (19 and 21 years old) lost their lives.
    ***Wind Turbine accidents and failures are quite common but the media does not cover this. (SHOCKING)
    1. The Haunting Homs Wind Turbine Failure. Strange noises – engineers thought worn blades. Turbine retested and thought ok. Wind picked up and wind turbine made strange noises again. Personnel could not control speed of the rotors. Evacuated and police called. Turbine spun out of control and the entire turbine failed. The blades disintegrated in and around 2 1/2 acres. Debris tossed 100’s of feet into the air . COLOSSAL FAILURE. ALL CAUGHT ON CAMERS.
    please contact the people you vote for and share your concerns.

    1. Next time list all the drawbacks of fossil fuel based energy, too. Btw…. it’s a much longer list. Don’t forget to add WAR to the top of your list. Nobody ever went to war over solar or wind power.

  12. Wind turbines should not be built in the ocean. It sickened me when all those marine mammals washed up on our shores every week. They are mammals just like us. They have live births, nurse their young and are God given to us to learn from, not to kill. On land turbines do not cause these killings and there is plenty of land availability. Please don’t kill the whales and other marine mammals. They are a treasure. Pam

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