Ocean City Questions Massive Offshore Wind Farm in South Jersey.

Ocean City should back clean wind energy — and soon, so says the Press of Atlantic City. That endorsement doesn’t sit well with those who see things differently from NJ Governor, Phil Murphy.

South Jersey Offshore Wind Farm Fears. Ocean City. Orsted.
South Jersey Offshore Wind Farm Fears.

Wind turbines could harm fishing and bird migration. And of course, that thing called visual pollution.

Are taxpayers funding an expensive experiment that’s already been proven to raise electric rates?

Is South Jersey ready for offshore wind turbines? Hundreds of them. 900 feet high, covering acres of ocean. Anywhere from 10 to 15 miles offshore.

Have you seen this documentary?


Ralph Corsi: After watching Michael Moore’s documentary Planet of the Humans it becomes clearer that much of the renewable energy movement has been fostered by the corporations that would benefit the most by its acceptance.

Public Comment from Ralph Corsi:

What is not considered is the amount of energy required to produce the hardware, it’s longevity and the cost of maintaining it. More importantly when the equipment has been spent, the energy and expense necessary to remove it or worse, just leaving the remnants to rot and become an eyesore.

As a corporate helicopter pilot I got to see many of the wind generators all through the northeast. I always noted that when passing one of these wind farms there would be one third of them not operating.

It makes you wonder just how efficient these wind farms are.

My feeling is that doing Maintenance on this equipment off shore and building them off shore would make them highly impractical and an unnecessary burden for taxpayers.

Wind energy just isn’t cheap and placing it over the ocean doesn’t make it cheaper.

Public comment from Frederick Robinson:

I am a New Jersey taxpayer and property owner with a strong commitment to renewable energy.

But the proposed wind farm off of the New Jersey coast is a poorly planned and researched boondoggle that will forever impact a treasured natural landscape (likened to the Grand Canyon of the eastern seaboard) while impacting a unique ecological phenomenon known as the “cold pool” (please look it up) and threaten the recreational and commercial fishing industry on which so many livelihoods depend.

This project must be stopped at all cost. The risk to benefit ratio is unacceptable. Additionally, potential conflicts of interest must be examined between the Governor and his former company, Goldman-Sachs which is rumored to benefit from the development.

This project benefits a few and threatens many. If you treasure the Jersey shore and all it has to offer, stop this project now.

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3 thoughts on “Ocean City Questions Massive Offshore Wind Farm in South Jersey.”

  1. Agree with the author that the benefit, when considering the complete cost from building to disposal does not outweigh the risk to wildlife and coastal aesthetics. Seems poorly thought out.

  2. Experiment? Windmills are everywhere but NJ. Hurt birds, hardly, big buildings kill many more birds but nobody is complaining about that. As for the view being impaired, really they’re going to be placed 7-10 miles off the coast. Build them ASAP we need to stop burning fossil fuels the planet ???? is rapidly heating this not a fact anyone with standing in the scientific community disputes Windmills have no downside.

  3. Concerned Citizen

    I completely agree with Seadog, build them up and down the coast, as many as possible. Sea life and the birds are smarter than humans and will adapt. Decades ago, they said the same thing about the Alaska pipeline and wildlife has flourished. Build it now, it’s better than fossil fuels!

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