PODCAST: Optimistic Outlook for Rebuilding Margate Boardwalk

Rich Helfant of Lucy Committee

Rich Helfant of Lucy the Elephant was a guest on the ‘Hurley in the Morning’ radio show, on August 28. Glenn Klotz of the Margate Boardwalk Committee also called in and joined the excellent conversation.

The following are notable notes from the radio interview. (Listen below)

According to Helfant, Margate Commissioner John Amodeo had conversations with NJ DEP & Army Corp of Engineers. Commissioner Amodeo says these orgs would NOT be opposed to building a Margate boardwalk. They would green light it. They would present no opposition. They whole-heartedly support it.

FACT: a Margate Boardwalk is a ‘permitted use’.

Harry Hurley
Harry Hurley Loves Boardwalks

Click to listen to podcast. Hurley talks Margate Boardwalk with Rich Helphant and Glenn Klotz:

Lucy the Elephant was once on the chopping block in the early 70’s. Imagine that. Today, she’s a national landmark. That’s all due to a small yet passionate group of supporters who essentially saved her. We see similarities between the Boardwalk and Lucy stories.

Will the 3 Margate Commissioners put it on the ballot?

Right of way, easements,eminent domain, riparian rights. Grant writer, Jim Rutala could help.

Helfant mentioned a recent conversation with former Atlantic City, Mayor Don Guardian who reported there’s money at the Federal level for stuff like this. Guardian helped procure $5 mil for helping elongate the Absecon Inlet section of the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Glenn Klotz Margate Boardwalk Committee
Glenn Klotz & The Margate Boardwalk Committee

Funding questions. What are common objection and concerns?

Getting bikes off dangerous Atlantic Ave. Margate & Atlantic City have a relatively safer, 25 mph Atlantic Ave.

Editor’s Note: Ventnor stubbornly holds onto a 35 mph Atlantic Ave speed limit. Ventnor Commissioner Tim Kriebel has downplayed need for safer speeds on the 4-lane, beach block Atlantic Ave. Kriebel claims the ‘timing of lights’ must happen first. This conflicts with what Margate Public Safety has learned: timing of traffic lights actually increase the likelihood of faster speeds.

A boardwalk is technically a street.

A Margate boardwalk would allow for better safety and security.

Currently, the AC & Ventnor boardwalks have severely decreased, or no visibility to the beach and water. This is a real safety and security issue.

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Margate home values would increase, not only on the beach block, but the entire city as well?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that typically, towns with a boardwalk tend to have higher property values.

  • A Margate boardwalk would hug the back of the dune.
  • 90% of it, would be on beach, not near homes.
  • A boardwalk would be safely built behind and above the dune.
  • Boardwalk would be purely a pedestrian walk-way. No commercial activity.
  • Boardwalk could include pavilions, ramps and restrooms.

Too early to discuss costs, but many believe taxpayers will see very limited tax impact.

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