Senator Polistina Talks Juvenile Justice Reform During Margate Visit

Margate New Jersey Police

There’s always been a few teenage troublemakers down the shore. Just about every coastal town. Ocean City, Avalon, Atlantic City. And of course, Margate. 

Public disturbance. Young adults having a little too much fun. Disrespect for cops. Alcohol, weed, vandalism. Petty kid stuff that can go off the rails real fast.

Police are handcuffed by recent Juvenile Justice Reforms recently enacted by NJ Governor, Phil Murphy. 

Margate’s Police Chief Matt Hankinson asked NJ Senator Vince Polistina about latest challenges in law enforcement. LISTEN >

Underage violators flaunt bad behavior. Not much that a cop can do.

Chronically disruptive teens are taken in, and quickly released. 

Echoing concerns of many Jersey shore police chiefs dealing with large groups of juveniles. 

Margate Police Chief Hankinson: Due to recent juvenile justice reform, we’re looking for a little more help in tackling these issues. A little more guidance. A little more strength. 

Margate Chief Hankinson & Commissioner Amodeo
Chief Hankinson & Commissioner Amodeo

Polistina: We’re with you chief. 100%. Certainly, we’re going to do everything we can from a legislative standpoint to give you the tools and the resources you need to do the job. 

Senator Polistina: The anti-law enforcement narrative. We can’t improve unless people understand that law enforcement is here to protect us. We have to educate kids about importance of law enforcement.

Senator Vince Polistina Margate
NJ Senator Polistina

How to deal with new marijuana laws; cannabis, edibles and vapes. How do we determine cannabis DUI? 

Vince Polistina Ventnor Square Brett Denafo
Visit to Ventnor Square Theatre

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