Should Longport Repair or Rebuild Historic Borough Hall?

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Longport Borough Hall

Longport taxpayers now debating the question of whether to repair, or totally rebuild, historic Borough Hall.

Mold and a leaky roof are forcing Longport taxpayers to deal with some tough questions. With less than 400 full-time residents, does it make sense to invest millions in a building that serves so few?

Maybe it’s time to join forces with Margate and Ventnor and share more services anf facilities.

From Press of Atlantic City: Longport Borough solicitor Pat Agnellini suggested that it might be difficult to design a new building now that could optimally serve unknown borough needs in the decades ahead, given the trend toward consolidating municipal services.

Another example of why Downbeach towns like Longport, Margate and Ventnor need to share even MORE services, including municipal activities and facilities.

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