South Jersey Offshore Wind Project Could Lose Funding Due to COVID-19 & Planet Of Humans Movie.

Green Energy Put On Hold.

‘If Orsted wants to build a giant wind farm off Atlantic City and the South Jersey coast, let them spend their own money. Not mine’. So says a group of Downbeach residents watching financial incentives being handed out to wind energy companies like ORSTED.

The Atlantic City region did breathe a sigh of relief. The global pandemic inadvertently placed a hold on billions of NJ tax dollars that were earmarked for companies like ORSTED. Instead, they’ll need to go towards COVID-19 recovery.

ORSTED hopes dashed? Building a massive wind farm off the South Jersey coast. For now, that taxpayer-subsidized dream has been put on hold.

The recent ‘Planet Of The Humans’ documentary is only making matters worse for those in the green energy space.

Pretty sure NJ Governor Phil Murphy will condemn Michael Moore’s new film, ‘The Planet of the Humans’. (WATCH FOR FREE)

Even very-liberal, very green, movie maker, Michael Moore, thinks renewable energy is not ready for prime time.

PLANET OF THE HUMANS movie marks the beginning of a “grand awakening” to the impacts of renewables on the natural environment says Environmental Progress founder Michael Shellenberger.



Mr. Moore has garnered fame and accolades for his documentaries over the last two decades, and has himself been an activist for broadly left issues including environmental protectionism.

In his new film he exposes the renewable energy sector as not being entirely green or clean as well as criticizing large corporations for virtue signalling on this issue.

Mr Shellenberger said Moore is a “very left-wing person who people did not expect to issue a movie that was so critical of renewables”.

He told Sky News host Chris Kenny, the problem with renewable energy is its fuel is “very energy dilute, you have to spread a huge amount of energy collectors,” be it solar panels or wind turbines, over a huge area, “so the land requirements are absolutely enormous”.

Many people have politicized the issue of energy and environmentalism, but Mr Shellenberger said the problems with renewables exist “whether you have a capitalist society or a socialist society”.

“They have to do with the inherent physical nature of renewable energy … the better energy sources have more energy, they’re higher energy density that means you use less of the natural environment”.

“It’s impossible to just dismiss the people who are raising these concerns anymore as climate deniers or as right-wingers”.

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