Ventnor Beaches to Re-open on Friday, May 8.

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Ventnor Beaches to Re-Open May 8.

Ventnor and neighboring towns enduring 8th week of public health emergency. It’s week number 6 of the NJ ‘Stay at Home’ order.

Good news: On Saturday May 2nd, NJ state parks will re-open to the public. Passive recreation, including boating, walking, running or jogging in now OK.

Ventnor beaches will re-open FRIDAY, MAY 8. The Ventnor Boardwalk remains closed til further notice.

Permitted activities on Ventnor Beach:

  • Walking
  • Running / Jogging
  • Exercising
  • Leashed dog walking

Prohibited activities on Ventnor Beach:

  • No swimming
  • No sunbathing
  • No sitting on chairs or towels
  • No organized sports
  • No groups of people
  • No surfing

No access to Ventnor Boardwalk other than crossing to beach.

The Ventnor Ski Beach boat ramp will also reopen on May 8 for launching and recovery of watercraft only.

The full Executive order #133 here:

Ventnor City Hall discouraging incoming surge of population. Say’s it’s counterproductive in reducing spread of COVID -19 virus in Ventnor.

The Ventnor City administration is pushing back on accusations that they value of one kind of resident. over another.

Social Media exhibiting plenty of rhetoric describing battles between ‘Local versus Shoobie’.

The Ventnor administration says “Stay at Home” means YOU, no matter where you are.

Stay up to date on local response to and guidance on evolving COVID-19 situation. Follow:

Wear masks in public, practice social distancing, and wash your hands frequently.

See you on the beaches of Ventnor, starting Friday, May 8.

Ventnor City, NJ
Mayor & Commissioners

6 thoughts on “Ventnor Beaches to Re-open on Friday, May 8.”

  1. So confused. Stay at home order is in effect, but Parks and beaches are open. Are they only open to year-round local residents? Can shoobies walk on the beach? How about people from Atlantic County that live off island?

  2. Gary Aslanian

    Obviously Ventnor city so called officials are out of touch with reality .It could be the Chinese fentanyl that came with the virus or the fact that uneducated persons have been given these powers because no one cared . Leashed dog walking on beach but not on boardwalk . But keep moving or you will be sunbathing . Forgot fishing. Kayaking . By the way what is a group of people . Good luck and I hope you don’t expect a salary because no people =no money

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