Ventnor Bike Shop Donates E-Bikes to Local Police

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Early this week, local police received a donation of 5 electric bikes from AAAA Bike Shop in Ventnor.

Police chiefs from Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, Longport, and Pleasantville came together to accept the donated e-bikes from the Weisen family of AAAA Bike Shop in Ventnor.

The Weisen’s have been selling and fixing bikes at AAAA Bike Shop since 1978.

Longport Chief Frank Culmone, Chief Williams from the Pleasantville Police, Chief Hankinson of Margate PD, Chief Sarkos from the Atlantic City Police Department, and Chief Fussner of Ventnor PD.

Police departments know that electric bikes can be very helpful. In small, congested towns, they are quicker to respond than police cruisers. Lower cost allows more of them on the streets.

On August 29, 2022, Mike Wiesen, owner of AAAA Bike Shop, graciously donated several new electric bicycles to Atlantic City, Ventnor City, Margate City, Longport and Pleasantville City Police Departments to assist in patrolling the communities they serve. Mr. Wiesen spoke with the Chiefs of the respective towns at his business, explaining the functions of the new bicycles and the advantages they will bring to officers using the,. The chiefs are looking forward to deploying these new resources into their communities. All the departments were grateful to Mr. Wiesen for his continued support to local law enforcement and the communities. Mr. Wiesen has spent years supporting the Ventnor Police Department and the Ventnor community both personally and through his business. Thank you Mike Wiesen and the AAAA Bike Shop family!

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4 thoughts on “Ventnor Bike Shop Donates E-Bikes to Local Police”

    1. AAAA BIKE SHOP in Ventnor is awesome. Gigantic inventory of all kinds of bikes and accessories. Repairs are also their specialty. Fair price, quick turnaround service. AAAA BIKES is truly a great bike shop. No exaggeration.

  1. AAAA Bike Shop has been a ‘gem’ in Ventnor for decades. Three cheers for the Weisen’s and their wonderful gift to local police.

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