NJ Teachers Union Defends Controversial Sex and Gender Curriculum

PARODY AD attacking NJ Teachers Union

Controversial sex-education standards are coming to New Jersey schools this Fall.

The NJ State Board of Education adopted new teaching standards during the height of Gov. Phil Murphy’s Covid-19 lockdowns. Gender identity, oral and anal sex are just some of the topics covered.

Have you seen the parody ad attacking the NJEA Teachers Union? (Watch video above) “Stop resisting our agenda and accept that you have no control over your children’s education. To all the radical extremist parents out there, back off. We are the NJEA.”

We have many amazing NJ education professionals who completely disagree with the NJDOE and NJEA on various matters. They are just too intimidated to speak up, because they fear losing their careers if they openly disagree.

NJ Parental Rights in Education

Parents throughout New Jersey have raised concerns at the local and state levels about the curriculum changes.

A pediatrician spoke against the new standards of teaching children about sexuality and gender identity — Dr. Meg Meeker, who authors books on parenting introduced the widely discredited concept of “rainbow parties.”


Parents demand a say in an age-appropriate public education, protecting young children from mature subjects and calling on the Board of Education to revise the standards.

Many parents simply want full transparency and input on what their children do and learn in school.

Parents asking why school boards don’t stream their meetings, and archive them on YouTube.

Ventnor and Margate do not provide remote video access to school board meetings. Downbeach School Board leadership, Doug Biagi and Audrey Becker, are not required to participate in regular commission / council meetings.

David Charles Knott: I’m pulling out of this disgraceful organization. I have been a union president and shop steward for many years. This organization is sick and twisted.

Super Chris Brown

Gov Phil Murphy’s local eyes & ears; Chris Brown, and AC School boss LaQuetta Small have yet to publicly comment on the issue.

LaQuetta Small (wife of AC Mayor) is still under intense scrutiny for not contacting police when she discovered that her cousin, Kayan Frazier, a substitute teacher at multiple AC schools, was taking home young boys for sleep-overs. Frazier was ultimately fired, but he found another job working with children at the NJ State level. It’s unknown who endorsed and signed off on Fraziers’ new job appointment within NJ Child Protective Services.

12 thoughts on “NJ Teachers Union Defends Controversial Sex and Gender Curriculum”

    You people should go straight to hell!!
    I think society is perverted enough!
    Do not add perversion to children’s already perverted world!
    New leaders need to be voted in office!!

    1. We either teach it in school, or Google teaches it to them through independent study. I really don’t want my kid learning about sex from P*rnhub.

      1. Just a thought Ralph. Maybe your child should be learning about sex from YOU, at at time and manner that YOU deem appropriate.

        1. And just a thought Steve, with or without it happening in school, if you think it’s ONLY being learned at home and in the time and manner of your choices, you’re extremely foolhardy and naive.

          1. You are a fool to not know that when a child is taught in a school, that a child will think that kind of perversion is just fine.

            We’ll let me tell you, it’s not and you as an educated person should know that isn’t okay.

          2. That’s why you’re there as a parent Frank, it’s not JUST school and it’s not JUST you educating your kids. It’s all of that, experiences around them (good and bad) and (sadly) the Internet too. Don’t be myopic, Frank.

  2. Readin writing and rithmetic. The Chinese will surpass us educationally.
    Young brains don’t have the maturity to process this sexuality stuff. Diversity can be taught in a non-sexual way. Shouldn’t parents have a say on when their child is ready?

  3. This is Insulting! Our children BELONG TO YOU??? Parents, it’s time to pull your children out of the schools before they destroy them 😡 Homeschooling is a priority now.
    Lawyers, How can we legally take our tax dollars away from these schools?

  4. The schools are going to DESTROY our children? What an absurd exaggeration. Irrespective of what is or isn’t taught in school, it’s YOUR job as a parent to raise them, and you can instill your own thinking. Homeschool them if you like. But nothing legally at the present time absolves your of your tax, or parenting obligations either.

  5. Actually Bev, what is insulting is you abdicating all responsibility as a parent by believing a different way of thinking will destroy your children… a narrow mind like yours is an echo chamber.

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