Ventnor Boardwalk To Re-open Friday May 22

Ventnor Pier & Beach

UPDATE. Ventnor Boardwalk will now re-open this Friday, May 22 at sunrise.

More good news: Starting this Saturday, Ventnor beaches will be fully open for sunbathing. You can swim at lifeguard protected beaches starting May 23.

Ventnor popular boardwalk will be open to pedestrian traffic only (walking and running).

SMART: No bike riding on boardwalk for now. We can start biking a week later on May 29.

Pedestrians on boardwalk should stay to right side. Good for social distancing.

MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER: No dogs allowed on boardwalk at any time.

McGruff The Crime Dog

Dogs permitted at ocean’s edge until June 1. After June 1, dogs only permitted from 7P to 9P and must be on leash at all times.

Bike lanes on Atlantic Ave are open for bicycle traffic only in the direction of traffic. (scary, but be ultra careful)

No walking or running in Atlantic Ave bike lanes. Pedestrians must use sidewalk or boardwalk.

Please follow social distancing guidelines, stay 6-feet apart as much as possible. Mask wearing is encouraged.

Thx to Ventnor Mayor & Commissioners for re-thinking this very challenging decision.

Guarded ‘pre-season’ beaches for swimming: Suffolk, Dorset, New Haven and Lafayette Ave. Additional beaches to be added soon.

Warning: Increased police presence enforcing all safety precautions.

Be Smart. Stay Safe. Have Fun. Viva la Ventnor.

3 thoughts on “Ventnor Boardwalk To Re-open Friday May 22”

  1. Yay Ventnor!!!

    For the past two years I’ve been concerned about bikers and walkers cohabitating the relatively narrow boardwalk. It’s been increasingly chaotic and dangerous for both and especially so in July as first-timers come to town. I expect distancing, though necessary, will just add more problems.

    A suggestion to consider: Could bikers be allowed on the boardwalk from 8-10am; walkers 10am-12pm…or vice versa?

  2. Good news, but not great news. It should be MANDATORY that masks be worn by everyone on the boardwalk. One little inconvenience could save a life, or many lives. Whats the wrong with that??

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