Ventnor Parents Consider Elected School Board


John Agner of Ventnor Heights says an elected school board would be better than appointing a Ventnor school board. That’s according to a social media post that Agner made recently.

Ventnor’s Board of Education is the responsibility of Mayor Beth Holtzman. That position of Mayor here in Ventnor, makes the school board appointments.

Holtzman controls the vote of Michael Cupeles, Ventnor’s representative on the Atlantic City Board of Education.

Holtzman supported the hiring of controversial school principal LaQuetta Small, still under investigation for role in allegedly protecting her pedophile cousin, a substitute teacher, Kayan Frazier.

The State stopped a deeper look into why principal LaQuetta Small didn’t report potential child abuse to local public safety officials.

Allow Ventnor parents to send their kids to a school of their choice.

Ventnor pays $4 million annually to Atlantic City’s School District for sending 161 Ventnor students to AC High School.

According to WPG Radio, NJ State Senator Vince Polistina said: “We are currently reviewing the options to maintain representation from the sending districts on the ACBOE. Clearly, when communities are providing millions of dollars for the educational system in Atlantic City they deserve to have a say in how that money is being spent,” said Polistina.

Ventnor pays approx $ 4 million per year for sending 161 students to dangerous and dysfunctional ACHS.

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Doug Biagi is President of the Ventnor Board of Education. He was appointed by Mayor Beth Holtzman. Biagi is a former Ventnor Police Chief.

Biagi was recently informed that Ventnor’s student population has declined so much, they no longer deserve a seat on the Atlantic City Board of Education.

Ventnor May Lose Its Representation On The Atlantic City BOE 

It should be noted, Ventnor’s seat on the ACBOE always voted in favor with the majority of AC school board and Mayor Marty Small Administration. That means, it won’t matter if Ventnor loses that seat.

We need Polistina and Holtzman to push for more transparency. It’s as simple as live-streaming and recording of the School Board meetings. Archive them on YouTube for on-demand viewing. Allow remote comments and questions from those who cant attend in person. Why the hold up?

Ventnor Family Coalition

The AC school board can never be trusted if they can’t be transparent about the safety of kids, about their failing grades, and inappropriate curriculum.

Elected school boards are better than appointed. That’s the response from Ventnor neighbors, whether conservative or progressive, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, says John Agner of Ventnor Heights.

Ventnor, Brigantine and Margate are some of few remaining NJ towns with an appointed board. Note: All 3 towns refuse to live-stream their school board meetings. School board presidents still not required to attend Dept Head meetings, even though school taxes make up major portion of town budget.

I’m not suggesting the current Board is doing a bad job. I’m just simply stating that voters should be the ones electing the Ventnor School Board.

John Agner, Ventnor Heights

There needs to be independence between school and local government.

The return of Barry Caldwell. What does Senator Vince Polistina, Mayor Holtzman and Chris Brown think about this?

Former AC School Superintendent Barry Caldwell well known for:

  • Allowing school security cameras to fall into disrepair.
  • Poor vetting process for teachers.
  • Blocking parents from participating in school board meetings.
  • Alleged role in student sex abuse scandal.
  • Having full support from Ventnor Mayor, Beth Holtzman.

Less than 20% of AC High graduates can pass a math or english test.

There are 600+ school districts in the State of NJ. Ventnor is 1 of 17 towns where the school board is appointed, not elected.

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