Ventnor Taxpayers vs Corrupt Atlantic City School Board

Ventnor Atlantic City Schools Beth Holtzman Devlin LaQuetta
Small, Devlin, Holtzman.

The Atlantic City Board of Education is looking to boot Ventnor from it’s board member seat that comes with voting rights.

ACBOE member John Devlin was a guest on the Harry Hurley WPG Radio show. Dec. 9, 2022. LISTEN:

Mayors should be standing on their heads for attention. Instead of congratulating superintendents, they should bring the wrath of God. As mayors, they have the right to know what’s going on in the AC school district. That’s why you need a board representative from the sending districts.

$4 million coming from Ventnor. But don’t forget, there’s still hundreds of thousands coming from Brigantine, Margate and Longport to send a child to the Atlantic City School District. Over $26,000 per student.

Michael Cupeles is Ventnor’s current rep on the AC Schoolboard. He typically votes with the majority. Meaning, he votes in support of Mayor Marty Small initiatives. In effect, this seat is often considered worthless.

Ventnor sends $4 mil each year in support of dysfunctional, AC school district.

Retaliation for Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman not supporting County Commissioner Ernest Coursey?

Less than 25% of ACHS grad can pass basic math or grammar test.

Marty Small administration of AC doing everything they can to get Ventnor rep knocked off the board.

Hurley in the Morning

To date, Ventnor voted YES to support:

  • Pension padding 12% raise to outgoing superintendent Barry Caldwell.
  • Controversial appointment of LaQuetta Small to School Superintendent. (still under investigation for student sex abuse scandal)
  • Shut down indie-investigation of student sex abuse within school.

Coursey is Chief of Staff for AC Mayor Marty Small, husband of school district boss, LaQuetta Small.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small is married to Atlantic City School Superintendent, LaQuetta Small.

Local high school ‘sending districts’ include Ventnor, Margate, Longport and Brigantine. Rep has right to vote on anything pertaining to the high school.

If you send 4 million a year, I think you should have a representation. There’s such a thing called taxation without representation.

Margate used to sit on the AC school board. We lost Brigantine too. Making decisions for Ventnor, Margate or Longport or Brigantine. They need a representative.

Devlin: I don’t live in Brigantine, I don’t live in Ventnor. I don’t live in Margate, I don’t live Longport. Downbeach needs representation.

Mayors of Ventnor, Brigantine, Margate and Longport need to wake up about Atlantic City public schools.

These are some powerful decisions that we’re making that’s gonna impact not only your children, but your community too. JOHN DEVLIN, AC Board of Education.


7 thoughts on “Ventnor Taxpayers vs Corrupt Atlantic City School Board”

  1. I stand 100% behind Ventnor City Mayor Beth Holtzman. “It takes courage and wisdom to lead, it takes faith and trust to follow”. Mayor Holtzman is a leader with vision.

    For example, compare Atlantic City’s School system with Ventnor City’s school system. Even after Millions upon Millions have been spent and wasted in Atlantic City. Less than 25% of ACHS grad can pass basic math or grammar test.

    Politics is ruining the USA and especially caused by the Democratic Party. Just look at every USA Democratic led American City. Ie: California – Oregon – Michigan – Illinois and more.

    I seems it’s easier to get elected to office than get a job at Walmart…!!!

    Two factors make a great country. 1. Family 2. Education

    I suggest Atlantic City’s so-called leaders, with it’s pot holed streets, step aside and allow True Leaders educate the children of Atlantic City … and all the other joining communities.

    Thank You.

    1. What does partisan politics have to do with the situation in AC? Nothing. And while John is correctly going off on the quality of education in AC, perhaps he can sign up for some remedial adult education given the babbling in his comments…!!! ….!!!

    1. Irony – while Joan is complaining about its versus it’s, she can’t manage to squeeze in a question mark after a question….

  2. Let them take over the seat then get the hell out of that worthless dump of a city and school. Let’s see how well they do without Ventnor, Margate, and Brigantine. Would love to see them pay for their schools themselves.

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