Ventnor Pickleball; Combining Social, Sport & Sasscer’s Cheesecake

Enjoying Sasscer’s Birthday Cheesecake.

No better way to celebrate a birthday on the Ventnor pickleball courts, than with a delicious Sasscer’s Cheesecake.

Beth ‘Captain’ Torsiello enjoyed her surprise birthday party on Oct 10, just before ‘paddles up’.

SURPRISE! Watch video.
Sasscer's Cheesecake.
Sasscer's Cheesecake Ventnor
Sasscer’s Cheesecake

Lisa Sasscer, owner of Sasscer’s Cheesecakes, uses her mother’s recipe for cheesecake.

Sasscer’s Cheesecakes offers 40 different kinds of cheesecake, from plain to mocha cappuccino to apple peach cobbler to salty caramel cream — and everything in between.

Sasscer’s Cheesecake

307 N. Dorset Avenue Ventnor, NJ. (609) 246-6841 [email protected]

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