Ventnor Pickleball Holiday Party Pics 2023

Ventnor pickleball players were all dressed up and ready for some off-the-court action.

We gathered to celebrate the season on Saturday night, Dec 16.

Johnny’s Cafe in Margate was the perfect place for this insanely fun and festive evening.

A fantastic party put together by Kim Fantazzia and friends. Great music by DJ Jack. Dance floor was packed all night.

The fun game with the weird name. Pickleball.

Is pickleball a sport or a social thing? Actually, it’s both.

Quite frankly, I almost forgot how Johnny’s Cafe is a REALLY GREAT place to eat, drink and dance.

Thx for hosting this, Johnny & Giovanna Liccio.

3 thoughts on “Ventnor Pickleball Holiday Party Pics 2023”

  1. What a phenomenal Holiday Party. Our Picklers are first class fun. It’s amazing how beautiful people are without their hats and sunglasses. Let’s do it again next year

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