When Will Overhaul of Lucy The Elephant be Completed?

The structural & cosmetic overhaul of Lucy the Elephant in Margate should have been be completed by now.

Margate resident & expert drone operator, Ron T. Brown, took his DJI Mavic 3 and did some investigating. This was filmed on Sept 29, 2022. Watch video.

The $2.2 million restoration project started more than a year ago. Lucy needed replacement of her outer metal skin and rotted wood underneath. Saltwater rot from over the years. Everyone looking forward to the grand reopening of this historic destination.

Lucy the Elephant was built in 1881 in South Atlantic City, which would later be known as Margate in 1909. Lucy was originally built as a marketing tool to help sell real estate.

All Lucy the Elephant donations are tax-deductible. www.lucytheelephant.org.

See more great video drone work from Ron T. Brown, the ‘Expat at the Shore‘ on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “When Will Overhaul of Lucy The Elephant be Completed?”

  1. What taxes and fines if any is Margate collecting from the halted construction of Lamberti’s Restaurant on the bay ?

  2. How about you report about the teacher in Atlantic City who had an inappropriate relationship with a student instead

  3. It will be 4 years ago, March 29, 2019 that Lamberti’s was knocked down.

    Besides the duration of this project, the size and height is a disgrace. I guess there are different rules for different people. So do not get too upset over LUCY!

    1. Lucy is a refurbishment of an existing structure with national landmark status. Lamberti’s is tear down and massive replacement of a prior, much smaller structure.

  4. Why are people upset with LUCY’s appearance now, but not with Lamberti? LUCY is a national landmark, and fell on hard times. The other is a very bad business decision that effects the appearance of Amherst Ave and no one seems to care.

    The people of Margate support Lucy and she will be totally refurbished in time. The other, not so sure!

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