Wind Turbine Money, Dead Whales, Compromised Local Leadership?

Video Clips from 3.16.23 Van Drew Congressional Hearing.

All the organizations you thought would be the most vocal in protecting whales, are the most quiet. Barely a peep from enviro-friendly orgs. Why?

The industrialization of our seashore.

Congressional investigation into offshore wind industrialization. if it moves forward. the most profound transformation of the Atlantic Coast in the history of the USA.

Congressman Jeff Van Drew

Are these orgs compromised in some way? Financially motivated to stay neutral.

According to Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC) is remaining ‘neutral’ about wind turbines being built just off the coast of NJ.

Many Jersey shore towns still surprisingly quiet. Ventnor, Margate, Longport and Atlantic City remain silent on recent rise in whale and dolphin deaths.

Due to fast rising municipal costs, Downbeach towns desperately need #WindMoney distributed by consortium of wind companies.

Greater Atlantic City Chamber is supportive of Orsted Wind Facility in Atlantic City

We love MMSC, their main focus is saving and protecting whales and other marine mammals. But they really need to become more vocal in this fight. Remaining neutral is anti-whale.

Concerned Brigantine Moms

Mayor Landgraf of Ventnor works for the State of NJ, as Director of Planning for CRDA, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Residents don’t expect much wind turbine pushback from Landgraf since Gov Murphy is his boss.

Stockton University took #WindMoney. They are deeply involved with the Ocean Wind Pro NJ Grantor Trust, a $15 million fund established by Ocean Wind 1 following its selection by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities in June 2019 as New Jersey’s first offshore wind farm.

Brian Jackson, President of Stockton University AC, is on the committee that distributes #WindMoney.

Barbara Gaba, President of ACCC is on the committee that distributes #WindMoney.

Ventnor resident / former NJ Senator, Chris Brown not commenting on dead whale / wind turbine issue. Brown (R) surprisingly resigned his NJ Senate seat in July 2021 to take questionable $150k job with NJ Gov Phil Murphy (D).

K. Scott: Wind industry’s playbook is full of despicable, underhanded tactics. This is no longer only about devastating effects of industrial wind projects. This is about top/down governmental domination and control. Pro-wind operatives trying to change rules by lobbying for state control to override protective, local ordinances.

Ruby Mekker: What bothers me the most is the impacts on human health with people forced to leave their homes to protect their health is never mentioned. The health of people should be equally important with the health of whales.

Bashar Mourad: We must fight by any means legal and we must defeat these elite foreign companies by filling the pockets of our local politicians (e.g. Gov Phil Murphy) who will never feel the effects that our future generations will. It is only money for these corrupt members of this administration.


Ørsted offering $1.5M program with NJIT, if it gets OK for new wind farm.

Major Economic Benefits Forecasted From Offshore Wind

ACIT’s Phil Guenther, a Brigantine resident, visibly absent in defending whales and coastal life. Guenther is a former Brigantine Mayor.

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7 thoughts on “Wind Turbine Money, Dead Whales, Compromised Local Leadership?”

  1. Maybe, the reason many local leaders are for the Windmills has nothing to do with money. Did any of you consider the fact that maybe they simply agree it’s a great idea?

  2. What if the Eco friendly groups are actually thinking about renewable energy as a good way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels? What if the Marine Mammal Stranding Center actually has experience with whales washing up on shore based on years of doing post-mortem studies that are consistent with propeller strikes from ships? It’s a crazy idea but perhaps the people who have spent time evaluating energy or whale deaths actually know what they’re talking about?
    By the way – the wind turbines are far enough off shore that even on the clearest days, they are far enough away that they’ll appear like little white blips on the horizon. Do the math and you’ll find out that the view will be altered but not ruined.
    I don’t work for the state or any of the companies involved in this. I’m not the recipient of any funds from Orsted or anyone else. I am tired of reading fact-free fantasies.

    1. Margate educated

      Actually there are several studies that show that whales and porpoises can get disoriented from sonar waves. Since they use them and thus would be likely to be hit by a boat! Their not lying their just not giving you all the facts!

  3. Downbeach Green Team

    Margate, Ventnor & Longport are pro-wind turbine, ignoring obvious whale slaughter. Downbeach towns financially compromised. Mayors are weak.

  4. Build the wind farms and be quiet. We need every source of energy we can get. It won’t impact your view and it won’t impact your house value, get a grip and grow up!

  5. The mayors of beach areas should be involved in stopping this wind turbine project. Ask yourself, why aren’t they?

    Our right to make decisions being stripped away by some elected officials.

    The wind turbine project has to be stopped. I believe it’s killing whales and dolphins. It will destroy all commercial fishing and fish life forever.

    Only people to benefit are those connected to getting it done.

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