ACCC president Gaba Supports Race based meetings.

barbara gaba accc

Dr. Barbara Gaba, President of ACCC, has doubled down on her demand for segregating employee meetings at her college.

Gaba sent an email to all Atlantic Cape Community College employees justifying separate, race-based meetings.

“Our intentions to offer a safe space for our employees of color, based on the survey results, may have been misunderstood”

Gaba: Fight Racism with Racism.

So-called ‘coaches’ will meet with Gaba’s cabinet, faculty and the college’s controversial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committees.

Gaba wants more activities that support the college’s so-called ‘Equity Plan’.

Gaba Doubles Down on Race-Based Meetings.

ACCC Board of Trustee members:

  1. Daniel L. Money ’72, Vice Chairperson
  2. Ellen Byrne, Esq., Chairperson
  3. Robert A. Previti ’73, Treasurer
  4. Flora Castillo
  5. Christina Clemans
  6. Dave Coskey
  7. Dr. Thomas Dawson
  8. Judith DeStefano
  9. Monica Kyle
  10. Donald Parker
  11. Maria Ivette Torres
  12. Julia Train ’22, Alumni Representative
  13. Leslie White-Coursey

Online Comment: What exactly is a safe space for employees of color? A place where they are “safe” from having to present ideas and persuade people of other races or ethnic backgrounds who may disagree with them?

8 thoughts on “ACCC president Gaba Supports Race based meetings.”

  1. The only justifiable reason for segregation of anyone in any instance is for the protection of some from injury of various sorts at the hands of others. In my opinion, this requires that a convincing case can be made, beyond a reasonable doubt, that those being protected are, in fact, threatened or in danger. As far as I can see, this case does not even begin to meet that standard, and therefore, is an unwarranted attempt at segregation without reason!

  2. I am at a total loss for words. I cannot even believe that I am reading this article, about such disgusting and blatant reverse racism. There is no excuse for such race-baiting behavior. None.

    1. Ugh. Disagreeing with someones thinking doesn’t mean radicalization, irrespective of what you hear on the cable news channel it’s clear you watch.. Only when someone like you has no relationship with their kids, and abdicates all parental responsibility to discuss opposing points of view.

  3. I can’t believe I’m reading this. I worked at ACCC for ten years. Glad I got away from this institution.

    Can’t believe she (GABA) still has a job.

    Truly believe that she should resign immediately

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