Amherst Promenade Deck Being Installed, Margate Waterpark & Dredging Update.

Watch DownbeachBUZZ WEBCAST for June 26, 2021.

We have an special, Amherst Ave promenade Update. The decking wood has arrived. Shipment #1. Another shipment on the way.

Yes! The Amherst Water Park is bigger and better than before. Island Water Sports is awesome. Your kids will love it.

The Margate back bays need dredging. Like yesterday. Can’t traverse some marina waters during low tide.

Note: Dredging permits are being processed. It takes time. But we’re getting closer. Who’s gonna pay for the dredging?

The spoils & dredge materials will be placed in a hole on ‘Shelter Island’, right behind Ventnor.

Both Ventnor & Margate own Shelter Island.

The hole was created when both town needed sand to build up low-lying parts of their municipality.

Today’s special webcast guest: the lovely & talented, Janice Burg-Levi from Intracoastal Marketing & Strategy.

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4 thoughts on “Amherst Promenade Deck Being Installed, Margate Waterpark & Dredging Update.”

  1. Washington Avenue and the bulkhead is again a congregation point for the children of Margate.

    Saturday night two little girls on the bulkhead were so drunk they couldn’t walk. After that several boys were throwing up at midnight. These are kids not older than 13. They are all on bicycles.

    A néw law prohibits police from doing anything about this. Tonight they were fist fighting and several people called the police. Police came but they were helpless.

    Where are the parents? How are these kids getting alcohol? Do we have to have something terrible happen before more is done?

    Well I’m on record with my concerns. I hope it doesn’t come to a tragedy before parents step up and keep their children home

  2. LAMBERTI’S moving along? Really? The original building was knocked down March 29, 2019. That’s not counting many years of site planning.

    The way this is being handled is a mystery and a disgrace. People are tired of looking at this spectacle.

    Maybe the city can swing another deal like this to pay for the dredging. What do they care as long as it saves them $.

  3. There is no curfew in Margate.

    I would love to see a town watch and would be a part of it if police cannot control this.

    Come down to bulkhead on Saturday night and see how you would approach 300 kids who are out of control.

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