Dangerous Margate Beach Sewer Pipe Bolts Pose Safety Issue

Margate Beach Sewer Pipes

The Margate beach, dune and sewer-pipe project. The gift that keeps on giving.

Not only are the 5 new, over-sized sewer pipes considered overkill, but protruding bolts on the wooden supports structures have been deemed a substantial liability.

The Margate outfall ‘sewer’ pipes take contaminated storm water run off and funnels it directly into the surf.

The Margate beach sewer pipes / outfalls feature bolts that are hazardous for kids, or anyone climbing over one of these contraptions.

Warning signs recommended by the ACOE are typically ignored by kids.

Longport had their bolts cut, so why not Margate?

Bolts protruding from the outfall pipe cages pose a danger to beachgoers, Margate officials say.

Margate Commissioners were unable to get the Army Corps of Engineers to properly finish the job.

Margate’s Mayor Becker has been slow to move on the problem. Time is running short. An accident is waiting to happen.

Warning: if someone gets hurt, watch how quickly the City of Margate gets sued. If / when that happens, taxpayers will be responsible for a hefty cash payout.

4 thoughts on “Dangerous Margate Beach Sewer Pipe Bolts Pose Safety Issue”

  1. JVT,

    Agreed! The Commissioners and Mayor only move fast when it’s to their nepotistic benefit. Greedy, selfish and dishonest. They treat us as if we’re lucky to be living in THEIR city!!! Hope you’re happy, all you dummies who voted them back in.

  2. The Bolts are manufactured with a coating to prevent corrosion and have a tapered end. Cutting off the bolts will compromise the seal and cause them to corrode faster than their intended lifespan. Also, Cutting them will leave a much sharper edge.

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