Ventnor Taxes, Building Boom, Trash Cans & Websites.

Ventnor Building Boom. Too Much Real Estate Signage?

More good news from Ventnor. Property assessments / ratables are up and new construction is booming. After years of financial struggles, new monies are starting to flow into Ventnor city coffers. This, along with smart cost cutting, allowed for a small tax rate decrease. We’ll take it. 

But wait, there is a little bad news. Ventnor was recently notified that it must repay half of the $5 million in disaster funds it received from FEMA, following Hurricane Sandy.

In 2013, Ventnor took a $5 million loan from FEMA, with the hope that this could be a potentially forgivable loan. Just recently, FEMA decided they wanted certain cities to pay back a portion of that loan/grant.

Ventnor taxpayers will be forced to pay down $2.5 million in that Sandy Disaster Aid over the next four years.

How was Ventnor able to lower the tax rate with this surprise FEMA bill? Here’s how: Ventnor was given OK from the State to put in on their credit card. In other words, stick that new debt into current bond approvals. Pay it off over 4 years.

Ventnor City Admin, Maria Mento was frustrated. Mento said FEMA numbers kept changing. Commish Landgraf said something like this… at the recent Commish meeting: ‘at first Ventnor owed FEMA $800k, and now it’s $2.5 million.’

Ventnor Commissioner Landgraf: Complete faith is lost in FEMA

Ventnor Recording and Posting City Meetings to Internet

In other Ventnor news, a long-awaited city website has been launched. Dramatically better than before, and finally…. featuring professional audio & video from municipal meetings. Impressive.

July 26, 2019 Commissioner Meeting

Ventnor joins Margate, Atlantic City and Brigantine in recording and posting their city meetings to YouTube.

When will Longport join the party? Residents not always able to attend public meetings. Especially the 70% of taxpayers that are summer-only seasonal residents that don’t vote here.

Ventnor Commission meetings are held at 5:30 pm on 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month at Ventnor City Hall.

Ventnor is on the move.

NOTE: All Downbeach towns should record and post all 3 municipal meetings to the Internet. Commissioners, School Board and Planning & Zoning.

Real Estate Agent Code Violations

Real Estate Agent In Violation of City Ordinance

With all the new building in Ventnor, construction and code official Jimmie Agnesino, is busier than a one-armed paper hanger.

Jimmie Agnesino

With so much work, ordinance violations have risen. Especially violations from out of town Real Estate agents. But this stuff needs to be reported for our man, Jimmie, to act on. See something? Say something.

Don’t Make Jimmie Angry With Stuff Like This.

VIOLATION: Margate Realtor Placing Advertising on Ventnor Boardwalk.

See a violation? Feel free to call Jimmie at 609-823-7987 or email him at

Jimmie Agnesino, a resident of Williamstown, NJ., has been employed by Ventnor for 27 years as the Construction Official and Building Sub-Code Official. He also serves as the Zoning Official and Department Head for the Code Department, which includes rental and sale properties as well as property maintenance. He also is the Land Use Administrator, which approves the use of properties throughout the City.

Ventnor Trash Can Swap

Massive trash can project. Under increasing pressure from Ventnor residents, the City is offering smaller 64-gallon trash and recycling containers.

Elderly, disabled, and those with tiny properties find the massive, 96-gallon trash and recycling containers too big for their homes.

Want a smaller trash can? Contact Rick Dovey at ACUA at 609.272.6950. Ventnor Public Works will then contact you to determine if you’re worthy of a smaller, less expensive can.

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