Even With Hot Real Estate Market, Longport Tax Hike Still Coming

Longport Commissioners
Longport Commissioners

Even with a super-hot real estate market featuring higher assessments, Longport taxes are still going up.

On March 16, Longport Commissioners introduced a $9.5 million municipal budget that features a 1.5 cent tax rate increase.

The Longport municipal tax hike doesn’t include likely increases in county and school taxes still to come. Those two expenses would add more to tax bills if / when the proposed budgets are approved.

Longport Taxes Going Up.

Longport has enjoyed a $14.7 million increase in the ratable base over the past year. The largest part of the Longport tax increase comes from higher police salaries and wages.

  • Amount to be raised through taxation for municipal services is up 5.61% over last year.
  • Longport borough needs $6,512,502 in taxes, up from $6,176,709 last year.
  • Total assessed valuation of Longport Borough is $1.9 billion.
  • Average Longport property assessment is $1,145,130.

Longport will have municipal budget public hearing at 4p, on Wed, April 14 at Longport Borough Hall, 2305 Atlantic Ave.

Mayor Nick Russo has yet to address the lack of public comment from those who can’t attend in person. Homeowners not happy with the inconvenient 4p start time, and Russo keeping ban on public comment via remote, Zoom-type online municipal meetings.

Note: Over 75% of Longport taxpayers are second homeowners with no voting rights.

Audio is very poor for Longport Mtgs.

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