Margate Department Heads to Comment on Rebuilding Boardwalk Plans

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Here’s a status update on efforts to rebuild the Margate Boardwalk.

According to their social media page, Glenn Klotz and the Margate Boardwalk Committee are still engaging with one of the 3 Margate Commissioners. Klotz does not specifically identify the commissioner.

Observers note that Margate Commissioner Maury Blumberg not only attended the Boardwalk report presentation this past summer, but Blumberg also signed the ‘Boardwalk’ petition. Indeed, it’s nice to see independent thinking on the Margate Commission.

Klotz: The comprehensive report ‘A Margate Boardwalk for the 21st Century‘ is still being reviewed for comment by the various Dept. heads of the Margate City Government.

Margate department heads will soon provide comments and feedback on the report. It will eventually be shared with the Margate Commissioners and the general public.

The Margate Boardwalk Committee wants all taxpayers to be polled or surveyed. At the very least, registered voters in Margate should be polled or surveyed. ‘Either way would be fine’ says Klotz. What’s not acceptable to Klotz is allowing a one-sided decision to be made about the Boardwalk.

Are the Margate Commissioners afraid to poll or survey the taxpayers and voters? Nervous about what they might find?

One particular Margate Commissioner indicated he believes a poll/survey at this juncture, would be a good idea.

To date, both sides of the issue have gone on record.

The Margate Commissioners, Mayor Becker & Commisioners Amodeo and Blumberg have not taken a public position on the issue.

A public poll or survey is needed. Rebuild the Margate Boardwalk or not.

A 3rd party poll or survey is an inexpensive way determine public sentiment. If a poll indicates majority support for rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk, the idea, the Boardwalk Committee believes that should lead to a binding, public referendum.

A Green Margate Boardwalk.

A new Boardwalk in Margate would be a climate-friendly. A healthy addition to our town. It will give residents and visitors a new, public park and a new walkway/bike path to enjoy.

A rebuilt Margate Boardwalk will take people out of their cars and homes. It will get them running, walking, jogging and riding their bikes.

Improving everyone’s quality of life. A rebuilt Margate Boardwalk could literally save lives.

  • Rodger Kradel: I look forward to the boardwalk as a safer place to ride my bike and my wife to ride her adult tricycle.
  • Evelyn Pino: Instead of knocking down houses and building condos with no parking, build something we all can enjoy.
  • Rich Crosson: A safer alternative to the summertime version of dodgeball on Atlantic Ave.
  • Ilene Thierman Reich: And easier access to the beach views!

1 thought on “Margate Department Heads to Comment on Rebuilding Boardwalk Plans”

  1. Having a BW in the off-season is a great advantage when the ocean is too cold for average people to use and sitting on the beach is limited by eroded winter beaches in some areas. Ventnor today has a BW you can enjoy all year long and when its ocean beach is access is limited it’s still there to enjoy. Margate has the use of its ocean beaches ONLY unlike Ventnor. The back beach is just a wasteland.

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