Mayor Becker Welcomes All to Summer 2020 in Margate

Welcome Back.

Welcome Back. We’re ready for a safe & fun Summer 2020, says Mayor Michael Becker of Margate.

Becker: While this year will be a bit different, there’s still plenty of opportunities to make family memories in Margate in safe and healthy ways.

Margate city employees have been working hard to plan events, safely open public recreational facilities, and monitor the beaches in ways that respect social distancing.

The Margate City Commission is working closely with local business to assist in re-opening within the state imposed restrictions.

Margate City will be relaxing zoning regulations.

Relaxed zoning rules will allow restaurants (with approved plans) to use certain public areas and private parking lots to expand outside seating for dining outside, or even under a tent.

Sidewalk sales. Watch for additional outside rack sales at retail establishments within the Margate business districts.

Please respect each other’s differences and risk tolerances during this time. Let’s keep Margate safe for all.

Please be courteous and wear face masks when inside stores, or outside when social distancing is impractical.

8 thoughts on “Mayor Becker Welcomes All to Summer 2020 in Margate”

  1. J. Wrightsfeld

    Mayor Becker should have retired a long, long time ago! He’s well into his 80’s and, you would think, has taken enough payoffs and graft money that he would quit!

    But, if the dummies are dumb enough to keep voting for him, and he can keep his cake job, salary and benefits.

  2. How about you provide some PROOF of the very strong and serious allegations you’re stating as ‘facts’? Go ahead, we’ll wait. Here’s another thought: run against him since you’re apparently so much smarter than everyone else.

  3. Becker just happens to work at his relative’s Hardware store. The store just happens to get the business for the approved construction jobs in Margate; his daughter is a Margate cop. A police department that has the reputation for not enforcing laws, especially traffic violations, unlike Longport; his elderly wife was recently “given” the well paying job of Tax Collector. It isn’t difficult to find all the conflicts of interest Becker has. And there are more. I am a busy executive who doesn’t reside in Margate year round. There has to be a much younger, more qualified individual who would be looking out for the residents, not ripping them off

  4. @ J.W.Please show 1 shred of evidence or shut the “””” up.You are just another piece of crap spewing nonsense.

  5. Wow, a collection of random things you put together as “proof”. Using that same impeccable logic, if you live near a lot of fires then you cause them. Nice try though. Funny, with lots of other politicians charged, arrested and convicted at the shore not once has there been any of the above against the Mayor. I’m not defending him – I’m saying bring evidence to the authorities, have them review and charge if there is any. Otherwise, you’re simply spewing innuendo.

  6. Not every thief gets caught. You’re so naive or a relative or good friend of Becker. All three Commissioners are liars, thieves and self-motivated to do anything good for Margate.

  7. I’m none of the above. I simply said absent of proof, your allegations are simply that. I can easily say the same things about you as an alleged executive, using the same rationale you’re putting forward. Bring forward evidence, not innuendo, coward.

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