Spirit Airlines Atlantic City Adding Flights to Miami, Cancun, San Juan.

Adding flights in Atlantic City.

Spirit Airlines in Atlantic City will add nonstop flights to Cancun, Miami and San Juan starting this Fall.

NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney said: “This new service will be a huge asset for South Jersey residents looking to travel without having to go to Newark or Philly”.

Atlantic City International Airport (ACY)

  • Cancun 4x a week starting Oct 29.
  • San Juan 3x per week beginning Oct. 31.
  • Daily to Miami starting Oct. 6.

Want to avoid Philadelphia or Newark? Atlantic City provides an excellent alternative to consider.

Spirit Airlines, the lone U.S. carrier operating from Atlantic City.

Spirit Airlines adding flights from Atlantic City International Airport to Cancun, Mexico, Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Atlantic City International Airport

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