Ventnor’s Advena Frustrated by Atlantic City School Board Dysfunction

Ventnor is a ‘sending district’ to Atlantic City High School.

Atlantic City School District always in a state of chaos. Watch video above. Meetings never seem to focus on kids. Rather, the highly politicized board battles incessantly over lawsuits, contracts, investigations, conflicts of interest, personnel and pay raises. Shameful stuff.

Ventnor sends a fair amount of kids and cash to ACHS. That means Ventnor gets a seat on the ACBOE; better known as the Atlantic City School Board.

Currently, Mike Advena is the Ventnor rep, selected by Mayor Holtzman. His vote, in many cases, can break ties. His vote is really important.

Parents asking why Advena doesn’t report publicly, to Mayor Beth & the Ventnor Commissioners each month. Advena could bring everyone up to speed on what’s going on, and how he’s voting. Ex: student sex abuse scandal and growing crime within the AC school district.

Ventnor Schools
Ventnor Commission

If you can’t get your kid into ACIT for vo-tech classes, or a charter school, or private school, or catholic school… you either need to home school… or you must send your child to ACHS.

Ventnor taxpayers subsidize dysfunctional Atlantic City School District.

The Atlantic City School District doesn’t like how the search for a new superintendent is going, so they just voted to restart the process. The AC School Board needs to replace outgoing superintendent, Barry Caldwell. He should be gone by June 1, but will now stay month-to-month until a replacement is agreed upon.

marty small atlantic City School

Residents still waiting for Atlantic City School District to make a statement about student security.

What measures are being taken to better protect children within the district? How are AC School Superintendent Barry Caldwell and AC Mayor Small keeping predators out of the school district?

Next ACBOE meeting: Tuesday May 4, 6pm. Watch online or join in person.

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