Will Margate Commissioners Get Voter Support in 2019?

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Will Margate voters continue to embrace the three incumbent City Commissioners in the Spring 2019 election? Or will residents vote for the yet to be named challengers?

Mayor Mike Becker, along with Commissioners Maury Blumberg and John Amodeo will team up and will run on the same ticket in Spring of 2019. Election day in Margate will be May 14.

Becker, Amodeo and Blumberg will run as a team in May 2019 Margate Board of Commissioners election.

While Margate as whole is doing well, there are those who believe it could do better. Here are some issues that bubbled to the top over the past three years.

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17 thoughts on “Will Margate Commissioners Get Voter Support in 2019?”

    1. If voters are comfortable with water parks, an over sized miniature golf course, the possibility of a hotel/condo, sweet heart deals on parking, under used schools, costs associated with maintaining 2 municipal halls, etc., by all means vote for this ticket.
      Oh and let us consider how transparent is this body or especially the
      Zoning Board who they appoint?

      Then decide.

        1. That’s because Margate has a bunch of Wacko residents living here! Who would want to run? Remember a couple elections ago there were over 20 people running! Funny thing is Margate is the best run town in Atlantic County! Thank our Police , Fire Chiefs and our Public Works Management! Becker and Amadeo are self serving, Maury tries!

    2. We Need a change in Margate…..funny how so many laws have been lifted for the new business people…..but locals get no breaks…where’s all the tax money going?????…locals can’t even get one free beach tag per house to show appreciationn…. no use.I’m peaching to the choir

  1. Margate has a small town mentality with big town tax revenues. The your a “Shoobie” attitude is more prevalent than ever. Without us second home owners investing in sleepy Margate, most of the properties would still be valued under $100k. Appreciate that the influx of cash has made most longtime property owners wealthier. Hidden, shady, non advertised and cancelled meets remain a questionable tactic employed be local bullies. Oooops I mean local politicians.

    1. Yo Pal, If you Shoobies didn’t act so ignorant like you own the town! One house and you 15 cars! Your illegal u turns! We Pay taxes here and live full time here! If we came to your home town and did some of the crap you shoobies do , You would run us out of town! There’s something called RESPECT! Respect our rights, our parking in front of our homes! Be courteous to the residents and business owners! Pick up after your pets! And we don’t need Meley’s at Wawa! Show som respect and you’ll get some in return! Better off Pal, if you don’t like it here, MOVE!!!!!!!

    1. Amen, we agree with you. Every property owner should have a voice. We were 2nd home owners and just recently became full timers.

  2. These guys are political hacks, it’s time for a change. It’s sad that many taxpayers have no say, so these guys really don’t care.

  3. Lets fight density…no longer should two huge homes, that all look alike, (ugh), be built on a lot that had one home. Planning & Zoning Boards are very short sighted. Additionally, change can be good. The citizens of Margate seem opposed to everything & anything new. Not all change is bad….citizens just need transparency & notice so we can decide when we have all the information.

  4. Sign on pole at Coolidge and Atlantic now reads “Welcome to Margate. A residential community” . It will need to be changed.
    Two options:
    Change the word “residential” to “resort” or
    Turn the sign around and change the word “Margate” to “Longport”.

  5. I am concerned that the DownBeach Buzz is prejudiced against the year round citizens and is very partial to removing the current Commissioners. Is the Buzz a vehicle for the desires of only the non-voting residents? Talk about transparency!!

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