Protected Beaches

Protected Beaches

Never enter the water at an unprotected beach

Beginning June 24 through September 4, the following beaches will be protected DAILY from 10:00am to 6:00pm.


  • Argyle Ave
  • Clermont Ave
  • Gladstone Ave
  • Huntington Ave
  • Knight Ave
  • Osborne Ave
  • Thurlow Ave
  • Vendome Ave
  • Ceder Grove
  • Washington Ave
  • Jefferson Ave
  • Monroe Ave

No Beaches will be protected after September 10 until the following summer season.

Beach Restrooms are located at the following:

  • Clarendon Ave
  • Huntington Ave-Bloom Pavilion
  • Quincy Ave
  • Benson Ave-Greenhouse
  • Madison Ave
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